Sunday, September 02, 2007

So, is breaking up hard to do or isn't it?

Despite a recent study that suggests that perhaps breaking up is not the life-ending tragedy that teen movies and pop songs make it out to be, some folks seem to have major issues in this department. Usually, those that didn't get the word seem content to confine their inappropriate behavior to unwanted contacts, usually via letter, phone, or email, but sometimes by personal visits, which can be quite alarming to the visitee. The reason these visits can be so alarming is that there's a certain percentage that has a funny way of expressing their unrequited love, oftentimes with ball peen hammers or shotguns.

Stay alert, Squeaky.


Anonymous said...

Wow. In Montana, you don't even need much of a reason to at least be granted a temporary 90-day one. And anytime a person is arrested for a domestic violence-related assault, they *automagically* get a 72-hour one (DV is also a no-bond three day jail stay minimum here as well).

Just yesterday I dealt with some idiot who now has a warrant out for violating one of the 90-day ones.
Not only did he violate the temporary 72-hour restraining order he got when he was arrested within *one hour* of getting out of jail, but since he was served with the permanent restraining order two days ago, he placed seven phone calls, sent ten text messages, and stopped by the victim's house to try to deliver letters to her two times. I took the letter as evidence. Not only did he time and date stamp it AND sign it, but in it, he writes "the order of protection makes me so sad..." Idiot.

This is what restraining orders are good for - not keeping the guy away from you - but at least giving officers a way to arrest him when he inevitably does it. Well, that and the beginning of a good defense for when the guy inevitably takes it a step further and you have to shoot him for his own good.

Anonymous said...

Restraining order = deer tag for psychotic assholes.

It has no other useful purpose ... but it does prop up a self-defense claim rather well.

phlegmfatale said...

Once I lived in a middling-size town whose battered women shelter phone number was an inversion of mine: identical except the digits of mine ended 9795 and theirs were 9597. I got mis-dialed calls from ranting psychos in the middle of the night who were apparently strung out and foaming-at-the-mouth, insisting their woman was at my place and they were comin' ta git 'er. *gasp!*
Talk about romantic. Who wouldn't want a piece of that magic?

Anonymous said...

I think a restraining order should automatically issue an instant CCW with no frick'n waiting period. In fact, I would prefer that instead of the shelters giving women old cell phones, there should be some way for us to donate handguns for their use. Maybe they could be loaners for the length of the order, or until they can arrange to buy their own. Or plain gifts, whatever.

Anonymous said...

"Just yesterday I dealt with some idiot who now has a warrant out for violating one of the 90-day ones."

Too bad that he didn't resist "just a little bit"