Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Look! Pr0n!

No, not "Gratuitous Gun Pr0n", just regular ol' pr0n pr0n.

Well, okay, it's actually funny social commentary on pr0n. (Although if nobody's explained to you what mommy and daddy did to cause you, or if they did but you find nothing humorous about it, you shouldn't click on the links...)

The Internet Is For Porn. (video)

48 Things To Hate About Porn. (at The Pervocracy)


Matt G said...


Someone had to say it.

What are the chances that this would be posted the day after I put two euphemisms for mast.. uh, for jac... er, for, uh, spanking the dolphin in a comment over at Breda's? (Where she's been dealing with porn surfers who act on their excitement, in the freakin' library.)

DirtCrashr said...

I like the .300 Whisper, that just sounds like pr0n. I wonder if someone were to build a similar .220 grain subsonic pill-plinker based on the .30-40 Krag in an AK (rimmed) action?

Arthur said...

Which reminds me of the question I keep meaning to ask: What does the .300 Whisper headspace off of?

og said...

What, Matt, you mean
Doin' the Han Solo"
Drilling for Oil?
Roughing up the Suspect?
entertaining the emu?
jerkin the gerkin?
Violating the Vasoline?
Beating the purple headed yogurt slinger?

Grab your dick and double click.

HTRN said...

Arthur, the .300 Whisper headspaces off the shoulder, what little it has(approximately 40 thousandths).

Turk Turon said...

My favorite is "Firing the Surgeon-General".
Anyone remember Joclyn Elders?
The Foremen did a hilarious song about it.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome Tam. My daughter (who is a devout WOW player) showed me the vid clip and I was LMAO. So, since you are also a recovering gamer, I thought you'd enjoy the irony.