Sunday, May 24, 2009

FLASH: Insider leak!

Unreleased Barry O. campaign video!


Buck said...

The only thing missing is Charlie the Unicorn. Oh wait, thats the other unreleased campaign video. The one that shows his health care plan.

Baker M. Romeo said...

Have you gone mad? Barry would _never_ condone a paradise where the dreaded CIGARETTE grows on trees!

Better throw that animator under the bus.


reflectoscope said...

There is of course the same chance of finding such a place now as there was then, only back then I'd like to think that life was hard enough that common sense was more... common.


Anonymous said...

Forget growing dope, given the current price of tobacco since Barry's latest tax hike, a few cigarette trees sound a lot more profitable.
Tax the rich and not the poor huh? What part of society predominantly smokes cigarettes, it's not the rich I'll tell you that.
In 4 years I really hope the rest of the blind sheeple wake up and smell the cigarette smoke.

Rob K said...

I laughed. I love that song.

staghounds said...

How can you sau unreleased? That's been the core message of the U. S. Democratic party since 1930, and the Labour party in Britain since it was founded.

Yes, there are a couple of changes- the c-word trees are now DVD trees, "all the cops have wooden legs" is now "the cops are ACLU".

And of course the title and chorus have changed- it's now the "Big Broc-co-li Mountain."