Friday, May 22, 2009

More security kabuki.

So, Breda flies to Phoenix and back, and along the way is poked, prodded, swabbed, sniffed, frisked, and probulated more than anybody this side of a UFO abductee.

The final score? See for yourself.

Not only is air travel these days like a POW movie, it's apparent that the movie in question is based on Hogan's Heroes.


Ken said...

Hey, Hogan's Heroes was at least funny. I'd say more like Midnight Express, chopped up to suit a 90-minute running time on local UHF TV at a time when children might possibly be awake to watch.

Sigboy said...

Hogans Heroes?
I just spewed Mountain Dew out my nose!

BobG said...

I knew a guy who walked through with two expended shotgun shells in his jacket pocket and no one noticed.

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda hard-nosed about "them": The Big They. I decided in 1979 that I would no longer generate wealth to be taxed and mis-spent on waste. I dropped out--and did quite well, actually.

Given my attitude, I'd not stay with a job that necessitated commercial flights. I refuse to be treated as though I'm a potential terrorist. There are a gazillion ways to make a living without being abused.

I flew to Germany in 2000 to go to my son's wedding. That's it. I won't tolerate the indignity of such garbage.

Before TSA, remember when the airport security at Phoneix took away Joe Foss's Medal of Honor? The given reason was that it had sharp points. I knew right then that we were "freaking doomed", as the Mogambo Guru expresses it.

As far as I'm concerned, the TSA can take its Practicing Proctologists and let them use their noses in lieu of the TV camera--on somebody else besides me.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Sally texted me after going through TSA at IND today: "All kinds of security today. They had us go thru the body one as well as the metal one. Now tsa is matching boarding passes with id before we board!"

I texted her back: "Told ya."

I suppose TSA is on the lookout for someone who might commandeer a jet after liftout from IND and fly it back around to crash it at the Speedway. Wonder how many knives in the bottom of cellphone pockets TSA missed today.

T.Stahl said...

Hogan's Heroes - Don't forget that rare footage of a W31/G4 in the opening credits!

WV: drebster - sounds like a real word, will have to verify at