Sunday, May 24, 2009

Food + Action = Awesome

Behold dinner last night. On fire.:

That would be the OMG IT'S ON FIRE! roll at Bluefin Bistro in Lafayette, my reward for finishing fourth-from-last in my first-ever DCM match. (Overheard on the line: "Slow-fire? What the hell?!? The zombies aren't going to let me look through a spotting scope between shots!") Yes, I cratered badly.


fast richard said...

You met your goal of not finishing dead last. What is the course of fire in an M1 Carbine match? It sounds like something I would enjoy, and it would be an excuse to get out to the range with mine.

It would sound even better if I had some idea of when I'll be able to replace the ammo I would use.

Turk Turon said...


Why so negative?

The Russians used to tell a story about Pravda. It seems that back in the 1960's, President Kennedy challenged Soviet Premier Nikita Khruschev to a foot race. Kennedy won. The next morning, Pravda reported: "Our beloved comrade Nikita K. finished in second place, while the best that the American President could do was next-to-last."

So, I'm sure your finish was better than that; you're being modest!

But a big flaming dish of food will fix it.

Brigid said...

If you get a dinner like that after it's not cratering it's glory.


Ed Foster said...

Do we have a new convert to DCM? Next you have to do the full high power course with an AR. The targets are much smaller than the carbine targets, but the weapons are much more accurate. It gets addictive.

Now if I could only find a siluettas club, my day would be made.

Bruce B. said...

Good for you Tam! It's always good to try new things. I predict we'll see your name in the results from Camp Perry soon.

I agree with Ed Foster. It does get addictive.

atlharp said...

Competitive shooting is addictive. The idea of pushing yourself against other competitors or against the clock really shows where your limits are at. Whether you came in fourth or fourth to last doesn't mean as much as the fact that you showed up and had the stones to compete.

I know of many really talented shooters that defame competition as if it is something that is either pointless, or a waste of their time. Yet, how do you react under stress is the real measurement of your skills.

Fourth to last- you should be fuckin' proud!

skipelec said...

Atta girl !!
Fourth from last outa 4?

TD said...

Okay, you've gotta explain that roll to me...

Anonymous said...

"Amberjack Roll"--California roll wrapped in spicy tuna and then set on fire. Wonderful aftertaste.

Shootin' Buddy

T.Stahl said...

Now, that doesn't sound that bad. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

"Now if I could only find a siluettas club, my day would be made."

Ed, ask her about shooting the "steel critters" sometime. I have to drag her off the range at Wildcat.

Shootin' Buddy

Anonymous said...

"What is the course of fire in an M1 Carbine match?"

10 sighters, 10 rounds slow prone, 10 rounds rapid prone, 10 rounds sitting, 10 rounds standing.

They did not appreciate me "zippering" my standing target (at least everyone was looking at me). :-)

Shootin' Buddy