Friday, May 08, 2009

Is your garage sale lead-free?

You'd better hope so, citizen.

Jesus wept, first up this morning we had an allegedly-adult Congressperson propose a law banning name-calling on the digital playground under the penalty of being made to stand in the corner for two-to-five, now I read that they can fine me if I don't pay for gas chromatography tests on the Playskool toys in my garage sale.

Y'know, if I wanted to live in California, I would have moved there.


Ken said...

Thoreau's gonna have a lot of company.

fast richard said...

When I first saw this talked about, a few months ago, I was sceptical. I didn't think it was as big a deal as some were saying. I was wrong. This is one of the most far reaching and expensive pieces of useless regulation I've ever seen.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Is that not just the god-damned dumbest excuse for a law you ever saw?

Well, other than gun control laws.

Under what possible theory of law does a yard sale fall under the commerce clause? F*ck off, Feds.

wv: boyaba. Boyaba, those Feds can be tricky.

Kristopher said...

This child's toy IS lead free.

Sarah said...

But it's for the CHILDREN, you selfish a-holes! The CHILDREN! Can't you think about the CHILDREN for just one gotdang minute?!?!

(Srsly, though, I want my country back.)

TJP said...

I need a lawyer to figure this one out. The things I sell may be lead-free, but my garage is not. (Especially that table with the pot and ingots on it.) Though I'm sure I can still sell my tungsten teething rings and cupro-zinc candles out in the front yard. Totally "green" products, right?

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

My dad was a chemist by education, a chemical engineer by trade.

I'd hate to have to give anyone an inventory of what's in our garage. The fact that I know is bad enough.

Buck said...

It's a law thats doing a good deed for us. And we will be punished.

Anonymous said...

You came close to the bullseye with that statement.
"No good deed shall go unpunished."

B Woodman

Timmeehh said...

OT, Happy V-E Day Tam!

WV = euroc

Yes, you do.

Buck said...

Just did'nt want to cliche it. But we are being strangled by goverments deeds.

Somerled said...

Ah, remember those glorious days of gridlock! I miss filibusters such as the one where Sen. Robert Byrd prattled about his lap dog. An inefficient central government safeguards liberty.

Tam said...


In fifteen years we've gone from the Contract With America to the Contract On America.

Owen said...

not related by something that might interest you germany has the stupid

Anonymous said...

""Lead chips!!! Get y'r lead chips raht-cheer. Nice old LEEEEEAD CHIPS.""

...brought to you by Dickensian Solutions for an Orwellian World.

'Let the little bastards eat lead.'

'Please, Sir. More lead?'

'Remember to send those delicious lead chip cookies on Holidays.'

'I do so love family time, around the old lead painted table.'

Cripes, those scare monger Aunti-panties are a helluva lot more creepy, scary, and hazardous than our own ancestral recipe for barn paint.

Wait till fall, when it's time to slaughter pigs. Save the blood. [in a hogshead?]

Now take material previously ordered from the Sears and Roebuck.

Mix thirty pounds or so, of red lead paste with fifteen gallons of raw linseed oil. Stir sour milk, into the blood, in an amount equal to the blood. Mix that into the red lead/oil. Throw in some odd gallons of crude oil, from off the old pump in the back forty.

NOW, ya got REAL barn paint.

Have the kids paint the barn, coops, out-buildings, and a cow or two, for fun. It stays uncured and smearable for a good while, so watch where ya lean for the next six months, too.

By the time all those milk casein and blood proteins crosslink, the assorted oils sorta get rubbery-cured,and the red lead begins to oxidize into a metallic screen -- you have a paint that outlasts the wood.

Take that!!! Pixx on the concerned wusses of modern times.

And remember,kids, to get y'r daily FDA approved amount of necessary and nutritious lead.

John, the Red Lead