Thursday, May 07, 2009

Shocking proof!

Barrett .50BMG semiautomatic machine gun assault rifles spotted in Mexico!

They must have been purchased at gun shows in Texas and Arizona, where these fearsome weapons of mass destruction are totally unregulated.


the pawnbroker said...

man, i gotta get out there to tx/az...they've got way better gun shows than here in fla/ga...;o)


Turk Turon said...

Network switch...overheating!


Hard drives...whining!


alath said...

Kind of a strange choice for a parade. I want to see them do rifle drill with those babies.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, lets see them hold a present-arms for more than 30 seconds.


Anonymous said...

What are the odds those were purchased by Uncle Sam and given to Mexico?

OrangeNeckInNY said...

Probably bought with drug money. The Mexican Army was supposedly in cahoots with the drug cartels, you know...

Turk Turon said...

The State Dept. (under Powell and Rice) undoubtedly issued export permits for these guns. But when a Mexican reporter asked Sec. Clinton about Barrett rifles in Feb. 2009, she blamed the expiration of the AWB!

Weapons of Mass-Deception, more like.

wv: grief

Neutrino Cannon said...

Actually, see Bruce Schneier on the definition of a WMD. It's remarkably broad, and if you hogged out the barrels of the Barretts a bit, they would actually apply.

Ed Foster said...

I find it interesting that, in a country filled mostly with people of Amerindian or mixed Amerind/Euro ancestry, virtually every face I saw in the "Elite" troops was very Caucasian (only one "token" Indio in the first pic, none in the second).

We have several Latinas in the family, my two grandsons are being raised bilingual, and I've spent several decades in the company of close Cuban friends, so I'm reasonably well briefed on the massive caste system in place in Latin America.

For reference, I've heard the expression "Improving the breed" (used to describe getting a Mestiza pregnant) from a Cuban, a Panamanian, and a Mexican.

I also, as a seeming accident, used the term Mulatto (Black/White)for a person of Mestizo (Indian/White) ancestry in a Spanish conversation with some Peruvians. I was familiar with Caribbean and Mexican Latinos, but wanted to see the reactions of people from the west coast of Latin America.

My "mistake" was corrected quite forcefully as I discovered that, even in countries with no African ancestry, Blacks and Mulattos were considered objects of horror.

Quite simply, Everybody in the bottom 85% of the pigment wars wants to be lighter (though many won't admit it), is nasty envious, and the melanin divide is a major indicator of cultural differences.

So what's going on with the Mexicans? I'm truely not briefed in here, and don't have a clue. The Mexican army has had about 150,000 desertions in the last decade, with most or all of the desertees and their weapons joining the Narco Trafficantes.

Are Whites, presumably representing the moneyed elite who own the place, considered more politically reliable than Mestizos? I remember Commandante Zero a few years ago, whose entire support was among full blooded Indians in the far south.

If there's an element of race war involved in all the shooting south of the line, this is a hell of a lot more dangerous than a simple battle against drug pushers, and a hell of a lot more likely to spill over the line into the U.S.

Anybody actually been on the ground down there recently? For reference, Mexican friends of son #2 in California have repeatedly told him the place doesn't have 5 years left, and there's a major explosion on the way.

Given that NAFTA reforms have driven 20 million Mexicans from their small but self-sufficient farms and into a rootless existence in the cities, explosions are not a good thing.

I can't see any American administration, Democrat or Republican, mining the border or strafing refugee columns.

So, some first-hand intel would be appreciated.

staghounds said...

What do you expect?

Typical white people, clinging to their guns and patriotism.

Guns that are useful only to terrorists for shooting down airliners, as we all know.

The US didn't do anything substantial during the last immense civil war in Mexico to seal our borders, and we won't this time.

We won't even turn them back when they are healthy young men. No way we'll deny reffos entry.

And there are more than a hundred million Mexicans. I'm rather surprised that they don't do a flash mob of half a million or so and cross en masse.

Anonymous said...

Actually you can get them here in Texas. A buddy and I have talked about splitting the costs of one. They run between 9 and 11 grand in the shows the last few times we have looked.

If we had a place to shoot it, we would have bought it, but here in Houston, it kind of makes no sense.

rickn8or said...

...Mexican friends of son #2 in California have repeatedly told him the place doesn't have 5 years left, and there's a major explosion on the way."
Charming. MY #2 son is leaving Knox-vegas for SFO next week. Dan Jenkins was right; "Kids have no idea how much Preparation H is sold because of them."

* Where's the Pepto?

Anonymous said...

Yeah; I say its the U.S. government covering their asses. They've sent a lot of hardware south, and they're getting ahead of the criticism they're going to get for it by blaming gun shows and the like. They've been doing the same thing (sending guns and providing training) in Gaza for years, and with the PLO before that. -- Lyle

The Commander said...

Barrett Assault rifle? I want to see the guy who can fire this rifle from teh shoulder in full auto...

Good luck...