Thursday, May 07, 2009

In order to keep people happy...

... employees of The Security Company Formerly Known As Blackwater in Baghdad will now be working for Triple Canopy. This apparently appeases the simplistic.

I think I'll wear my Blackwater hat to the organic iced tofu joint in Broad Ripple today and see if anybody notices.


Anonymous said...

The Bard: "What's in a name?"

The Buddy: "Politics, you tights-wearing poofter."

Shootin' Buddy

Mikee said...

Well, Blackwater is banned in Iraq, isn't it? So Triple Canopy can work there without a problem.

Sort of like when price controls were instituted on things like sirloin and ribeye steaks, and suddenly London Broil and Delmonico steaks appeared on butcher's shelves.

Caleb said...

Well, they're not actually "banned" in Iraq, they just had their specific VIP/Embassy protection contract canceled.

Also, I keep meaning to head up to Blackwater Midwest...I mean the US Training Center, Midwest in Illinois for one of their competition pistol classes.

Bruce B. said...


That's beautiful country up there. Take time to visit Apple River Canyon state park. Yes a "canyon" in Illinois.

fast richard said...

Triple canopy sounds like the layers of leaves in a jungle that prevent the Brass flying overhead from seeing the black water that the guys on the ground are slogging through.