Wednesday, May 06, 2009

This just in from the Ministry of Irony:

At the tail end of a liberally "I mean"- and "y'know"-peppered interview about such weighty topics as Miss California and Donald Trump, Joy Behar proves that irony is not her forte:
Behar: Because every time [Sarah Palin] is in an interview, she shows herself to be very, very shallow -- you know, as they say, stunningly superficial on another network.
If that's not the pot calling the Teflon frying pan black...


og said...

This redefines irony.

Joy Behar? Sweet baby Jesus, if a thought comes her way a whole team of security guards chase it off like it was Kyle King.

Mikee said...

Verbal mannerisms are different from stupidity.

Joy Behar may not be stupid, but she is at least deeply, deeply uninformed on a universe of ideas, facts, and historical information, while also being very determined to hold to her ignorant beliefs without fail and without any ability to argue in favor of them.

Sarah Palin, on the other hand, may say "You Betcha" but also has a world of experience, can argue her positions effectually using facts and logic, and presents a compelling defense of conservative political beliefs.

Comparing Joy to Sarah is like comparing a beet to a grocery store owner.

staghounds said...

Talk about grandstanding.

You couldn't just cut, or starve yourself, or take a bottle of pills like all the other girls?

Nooo, you have to self inflict Joy Behar.

Seek help, now.

(Channeling the anonymous Singapore Scotch Psychiatrist)

George Hedgepeth said...

I agree with Mikee

"Sarah Palin, on the other hand, may say "You Betcha":

Judging someone as superficial based on their speech patterns strikes me as shallow...

Tam said...

I don't think Palin's superficial or stupid at all.

"Stupid", like "Neocon" or "Fascist" has become a meaningless Newspeak word for "someone progressives don't like".

Ron said...

I'm still trying to figure out why we care what Joy Behar thinks. Or Perez Hilton. These are the people to whom we give the reins of our national conversations?

Tam said...

I didn't know who Joy Behar was until I saw her name at and read the linked interview.

I'm still not sure who she is, although I'm inferring she's not employed by NASA nor tenured at Stanford.

I'm also not entirely clear on who "Perez Hilton" is, although I gather he is somehow involved with talking about those two-legged circus poodles we call "Entertainers".

Anonymous said...

Why does anyone bother with Joy Behar. Watching paint dry is far more interesting than she will ever be! I thought Larry King could get better guests, but maybe it's not just me who quit watching him... so he has to take what he can get.

JohnRJ08 said...

You people are attacking a comedienne for making jokes about a politician. What's with that? Behar's opinions of Palin, by the way, are probably shared by the vast majority of the public, which is just as "well-informed" as any of you. Here we are in the 21st century, forty years past the first moon-landing and on the verge of deciphering the human genome, and Sarah Palin still thinks mankind walked alongside living dinosaurs. This is the same person who said that being able to see a country automatically gives her foreign policy experience, "'cause ya never know when old Putin is gonna come flyin' over here." By the way, she never actually saw Russia from Alaska because she has never set foot on the island that is close enough to it, and didn't even own a passport until four years ago. And that's the mental giant you nuts are gushing all over. At least, when Behar talks her jokes are, good or bad, intentional. Sarah Palin has saved more comics careers than anyone since Richard M. Nixon. She is a walking joke book.

Tam said...

"You people are attacking a comedienne for making jokes about a politician."

No, you dolt, I am mocking an airhead for calling someone an airhead.

(Although I realize that you were probably confused by my use of big words like "at", "the", and "is".)

og said...

Tam, you have the very bestest trolls.

I do like the fact that the anencephalic fools comment showed up as all bold. don't know if that's my phone or not. All bold must be the new "all caps"

Jenny said...

...has become a meaningless Newspeak word for "someone progressives don't like".."How recent is that, actually? I mean, I remember my Dad having the Doonesbury "In Search of Reagan's Brain" book, so at least a couple generations... wild guess would be at least the Wilson "college prof for president" era - anyone know for certain?

atlharp said...

"I don't think Palin's superficial or stupid at all."

That's because she isn't. She is a savvy, aggressive reformer who kicks asses and takes names. She doesn't lie down, appeal to moderates, and most of all she wins when people think there is no chance for her to win. That is why they attack her.

Behar is just some old wrinkled up old twat whose time has come and gone. In reality, this is the last gasp of the American Left. They know they have turd on their hands with Barry and they know they can't keep him from destroying himself with his decisions. Mark my words- they will fail and fail miserably

atlharp said...

"This is the same person who said that being able to see a country automatically gives her foreign policy experience, "'cause ya never know when old Putin is gonna come flyin' over here."

As opposed to what? Fraternizing with terrorists and thugs in Chicago? The thing that gets me about the left is the utter insolent hypocrisy that you guys wield on those whom you FEAR. Yes, you are afraid of Palin and it shows. She isn't a joke- she is your nightmare because she legitimate, sharp, and someone who will not flinch in a race with the hypocrite that you are stuck with running for reelection. Palin as Governor of Alaska is given classified security briefings on a daily basis. Those briefings correspond with intel that is presented to the President, Senate Foreign Intelligence committee, and her. That by definition is foreign policy experience and another reason why your clueless, teleprompter reading Marxist will lose his reelection bid in four years.

staghounds said...

People are calling Miss Behar a "comedienne", and the things she says "jokes".

But aren't they supposed to be funny?

And she may not be on staff at Stanford, but her husband was a professor and her current de facto teaches arithmetic.

No, I'm sorry, "math". If he taught arithmetic, he might have made her understand exactly how horrible the stimupork bills are.

Brian Dale said...

atlharp: so, if you feed a troll nutritious things like, say, rutabagas, he'll become smarter?

I did not know that.

Rabbit said...

Y'know, I may not write a blog, but I've got a profile that you can effin' see.

I guess creating a profile and setting it to 'unavailable' is the new legitimacy for trolling.


Tam said...

Oh, he's right here if anybody has the inclination to troll back.

My interest wasn't piqued enough to leave a comment.

Buck said...

His site is kinda of like MSNBC, bland and boring.

JohnRJ08 said...

Tam, you're "mocking an airhead" who has had a very successful stand-up career and is now part of a highly influential television show. While I can't stand watching that hen house, Behar is one of the key reasons it has been so successful. And, anyway, what exactly are you mocking? Her opinions? Or how she states them? If you agreed with her, would it matter how she delivered them?

One has to wonder what sort of grand credentials you have framed on your wall that justifies such an assertive attitude about her thinking. My guess is that, since you obviously don't like Behar, you probably don't listen to anything she has to say with any objectivity at all. Why don't you just "man up" and admit that you hate her because she's a liberal. That's really what it boils down to here, right? It's that same tired old partisan crap that is directed with such zeal at people who think differently that you do. This behavior, as you may recall, was roundly rejected by voters and the electoral college in the last election. Or were you out of the country on Nov. 4th.

As for my site being "bland & boring", I'll just consider the source. Why don't some of you intellectual giants write something constructive here that doesn't just involve insulting a comedienne you've never met or spoken to in your entire life? Better yet, why not reveal the sources of your vast knowledge of economics and international relations so that the nation can benefit from your omniscience?

See you folks at the dinosaur races...

og said...

"One has to wonder what sort of grand credentials you have framed on your wall"

Well, there is the fact that Tam has integrity, intellect, and common sense. And she's not an airhead. And Joy clearly is. A "successful stand-up career and is now part of a highly influential television show" is not indicative of anything of the sort. Fact is, in the current media, a "successful stand-up career and is now part of a highly influential television show" is more an indictment of her character than a reccomendation. Bottomline, you're an idiot. The "sources of your vast knowledge of economics and international relations so that the nation can benefit from your omniscience? " are common sense. Something you just wouldn't understand.

JohnRJ08 said...

I see no evidence of integrity, intellect or, especially, common sense in Tam's comments. I just see a lot of anger directed at someone she doesn't know from Adam. You don't get where Behar has gotten without brains and talent. Period. Is Tam being interviewed on Larry King Live? Nope. All she does is vent here in a blog filled with like-minded regressives (except for me, of course). Your assertion that Behar's success is an "indictment of her character" is just grotesquely ignorant. If I were Tam, I would start looking somewhere else for my endorsements.

Rabbit said...

What was that quote I saw correlating arguing on the Internet with the Special Olympics?


LabRat said...

Am I the only one finding irony in a guy we've never seen nor heard from before coming over here to belittle the intelligence of Tam and her commentors for... attacking a comic for being shallow? As though there were something inherently wrong with pouring vitriol on someone you don't know who has fans that think they're good, or something? I'm just saying- pick a moral position, dude. Either it's wrong and you're being a complete dick by your own standards, or it's not and you're being a complete hypocrite. Again, by your own standards.

For that matter, would you like to provide a source on "Sarah Palin belives man walked with the dinosaurs"? Creationism is rather a pet issue of mine, and when I've gone digging for the source of the "Sarah Palin is a creationist" thing, I've never found anything beyond an Alaska gubernatorial debate and subsequent interview for clarification where her position boiled down to thinking intelligent design should be allowed to be discussed in the classroom if the student brings it up- and competely skirting her own position.

Do you have different information with a source, or are you just being a hypocritical dick again? I would genuinely like to know.

atlharp said...

You don't get where Behar has gotten without brains and talent.

Actually you do, show business (something which I have done in the past) is about positioning yourself. I know of the stand up comedy field and for all the years that I have been around people in it, I have never even heard of Behar. Lenny Bruce she is not, and she is by no means original. Her opinions on "the View" are vacuous and have as much substance as a promise made by Barack Obama.

As for Larry King, he is busy finding out if there was sex going on in Sarah Palin's house. In all fairness much of your arguments are really attached to the name recognition of celebutards who somehow you assume have some sense of political knowledge. King might have some, but Behar does not. Your argument hinges upon "since they are sucessful, we must hear them," but in reality that is a poor excuse for a qualifier. Get real....

Buck said...

Thank you for including me in the same group as Tam and the others. You have made my day johnyboy. Thank you, thank you. Oh by the way having read more of your blog I relize it's not Tam's comments on Joy that's your problem, it's your dislike of Palin. Oh, we must not be to boring. We got your attention.

Brian Dale said...

You made a lot of sense at your blog entries about Pakistan on April 24th and 28th, John. Why be such an abrasive dickhead over here?

It does not follow.

You inquired, "Why don't some of you intellectual giants write something constructive here..."

Already have, as do many others, routinely, but mostly I come here to read Tam's thoughts. It's her place and she knows more about many of the things that she writes about than I do. Regardless, I behave like an adult in other people's domains. I've found that approach to be a useful one.

Anonymous said...

As this is my first visit to Tam's blog site, let me first say that I do not have a degree hanging above my desk, nor have had the time to sit in front of the television or radio and listen to every word spoken throughout the election... I live in the real world as a single Mommy of three (yes, I said Mommy and not Mother), and sit here feeling like I am watching my children bicker! Does someone need a time out? There are good points from both sides of the fence, it is just sad that people have to express their feelings by childish name calling and diaper wiping... I love a good debate, but come on... I don't wanna (yes I said wanna)have to keep telling the children to behave while trying to focus on the real issue at hand!

LabRat said...

Madam, you seem to be under the impression that you are everyone's mother.

This is not the case. Also, don't grown-ups use their names?

JohnRJ08 said...

You'll all be glad to hear that this will be my final comment in this blog, which I originally visited because a link to it was provided after a article about Behar's appearance on Larry King Live. My clicking on that link was purely fortuitous.

Since I've posted my opposition to some of the hostile comments about Joy Behar here, I've been called a "dolt", "idiot", and "anencephalic fool". Behar has been called worse, including "airhead", and "wrinkled old twat". The President of the United States has been referred to as a "turd" and all entertainers have been categorized as "two-legged poodles" by someone who claims experience in that industry yet has never heard of Joy Behar.

The "Anonymous" mom is right when she refers to the "childish name-calling" in this sand box. Whenever I"ve expressed my views about Sarah Palin on so-called conservative blogs, I've received the same kind of antagonistic, personal attacks that I've received here. You folks all have that one personality trait in common. Interestingly enough, I've found that most Sarah Palin supporters share the same gene.

Unlike most people here, I know exactly why Sarah Palin was chosen to run with John McCain and by whom. I also know why John McCain agreed to have someone on the ticket whom he knew nothing about. Palin is a self-professed creationist who has stated publicly that she believes in the literal interpretation of the Bible. The world is just over 6,000 years old and mankind co-existed with dinosaurs. She has attempted to ban books in Alaska's libraries and wanted creationism put on the school systems' curriculum. This is public record, kids.

Now, as for my blog, I've focused most of my writing lately on the issue of terrorism and the deteriorating state of Islam and Mideast. These are more pressing problems that whether or not I agree with a comedienne who makes jokes about politicians on Larry King Live. However, I don't like ignorant, belligerent bullies who enjoy ganging up on total strangers in a blog that is nothing more than a hate-fest. So I come here to push back. Obviously, most of you don't like having your point of view questioned, since you probably come here to have your thinking validated.

The tone of a blog is set by the person who creates it. If you enjoy visiting a blog that is nothing more than a clique of like-minded, regressive, Obama hating, Palin worshipping juveniles, this is the ideal place for you.

Final thought: I found it quite funny that the last post targeting the mother of three kids, stated that "grown-ups use their names", then signed his own comment "LabRat". That was precious.


theirritablearchitect said...

"'re "mocking an airhead" who has had a very successful stand-up career and is now part of a highly influential television show."

Oh, jeezis, that's funny.

And he says that with a straight face?

Kristopher said...

OK John, I'll bite.

Exactly who decided to choose Palin as a running mate and why?

And be sure to back up your assertions with proof, or STFU.

Buck said...

Wow, johnyboy throws a stone and becomes upset when it's thrown back. Well I stand by what I said about your blog tho when you do dis Palin and McCain your writing shows some passion. The View was on this morning,and after watching agree with Tam's assessment of Joy Behar. She seems almost odd women out. Like the kid who throws in jokes to fit in.

Kristopher said...

Looks like your numbers are starting to attract MSM mention there, Tam.


Now you get to pimp-slap all of the left'tards, and not just the Obama-bots searching for keywords.

Tam said...

Yeah, apparently if I use my keyboard to make fun of people with whose political views I disagree in front of 2500 daily readers, I'm a bitter hater.

If I use a microphone to make fun of people with whose political views I disagree in front of 2,500,000 daily viewers, I'm a comedienne.

Got it. Popularity determines validity. 2.5 trillion flies ate shit yesterday, so I'm off to grill a cowflop for dinner.

By the way, how many readers does Johnny-boy's site get daily? ;)

Buck said...

Just checked, his site dos'nt show visits. Hated to check did'nt want to increase his numbers.Looked at your sitemeter, impressive.

Scott said...

So, if I may jump waaaay back up to the first comments to Tam's original post:

Mikee says: Verbal mannerisms are different from stupidity.

GH says: Judging someone as superficial based on their speech patterns strikes me as shallow...

So that also applies to all the Obama "uh" and teleprompter comments, doesn't it?

Defend Palin's speaking mannerisms in a post/comment - at the same time attacking Obama's speaking mannerisms in some other post/comment (hello Tam).

Which is it folks? One way, or the other, not both.

Tam said...


"So that also applies to all the Obama "uh" and teleprompter comments, doesn't it?"

I've never called Obama stupid because of his speech. I haven't made any of the ubiquitous-across-the-'net telemprompter/TOTUS gags. (The word "teleprompter" has been used exactly once on this blog. You can look it up.)

I have made fun of the notion that he's a "great orator" when really he's a moderately talented reader and not much better off-the-cuff than the guy who had the job previously. Seriously, the guy is a lot worse extemporaneously than Bill Clinton or Ronnie Reagan, but everybody's still too busy admiring the emperor's new clothes.

Tam said...

I see you peeking, JohnRJ08. :p