Friday, May 22, 2009

The happiest lad in christendom...

Look at the smile on the face of the young Halo fan hefting a real-life FN SCAR.

Does he not look ecstatic?

Does that not warm the cockles of the place where your shriveled, bitter, clingy heart would be, if only you had one?

Does that not fill Paul Helmke's Spider-Man underoos?


Anonymous said...

Caleb was at the NRA Show? I thought he was at the Bianchi Cup?

These kids today with their multi-tasking. Back in my day, when all this was orchard, we didn't have your fancy multi-taskings, and we liked it.

Shootin' Buddy

Rabbit said...

We also tied onions to our belts; the big yellow ones, because of the war, and the nickels all had pictures of bumblebees on them.


Nathan Brindle said...

As P.J. O'Rourke once put it, in a different context,

"The real argument in favor of military spending isn't an argument at all. It's visceral, hormonal. It's the tightness in the gut, the swelling of the chest, the involuntary smile that comes to the face of every man when he takes a weapon to hand."

I think that kid now understands that :)

John A said...

Compare and contrast:
*Eyebrow Shaver a Weapon*
Two months suspension (two weeks this year and six next) for this young woman.

reflectoscope said...

I can hear the Bradys crying in their tofu from here! Ha! I'd be happier if the kid had been directed to take his finger off of the trigger in the first photo, just on spec, but this is something we need more of.


danno said...

Reflo -

re: "I'd be happier if the kid had been directed to take his finger off of the trigger in the first photo"

As the proud papa, I have the same reaction to the first pic (then again, mebbe his sights were on the target;-). Believe me, we preach the 4 rules at the SandCastle. Understand the SCSon is not yet 10YO. I'm not sure if the finger was off the trigger in shot #2 because of rule #3 or because he couldn't reach. One of these days, all four rules will become habit.

I haven't given up on teaching the four rules. Glad to see you haven't either.

(and thanks to Tam for the Tamalanche!)

perlhaqr said...

As good as the look in the second pic is, I have to say I love the third pic better. :D I'd guess that young man is a ham. ;)