Thursday, May 21, 2009

Perfect for the mom on the go who ain't got time for traffic...

Chevy's "Warner Brothers" edition minivan having been a huge success, they decided to follow up with a new "Wachowski Brothers" edition.


Anonymous said...

Yeah and you can just see the side doors slide back and two of these things ease on out on either side.

Wait 'til you see what we mount on Semi's. And watch out for the Honda FIT "Wombat Edition" with the 105mm Recoiless rifle. (WOMBAT: Weapon of Magnesium Batallion Anti-Tank. Made a Willy's Jeep command all sorts of respect back inthe 50's and 60's)

Anyone else remember the "Car Wars" RPG? Good Times.

Cowboy Blob said...

*Sigh* I've got to learn to get over myself. I saw the Tamalanche on Sitemeter this morning and thought, "Gee, she must have noticed my video coverage of the NRA Convention!"

No... just a funny picture. :P

Thanks for the link anyways!

Anonymous said...

Never get cut off by traffic from an on-ramp ever again!

Ed Foster said...

Anonymous, it's a 106mm Reckless Rifle, the 105's a howitzer. At least we had to call it a 106, so someone didn't send us artillery charges in the middle of something nasty.

I still can't see how anybody can clear a built-up area without a 106on a mule. Nothing keeps their heads down like 2,000 blue whistlers buzzing down the avenue, and the back blast stirs up so much doof you can move a squad across the street unobserved before it settles.

I was talking shop with a buddy who teaches Designated Marksman down at Bragg, and a Ranger Captain he knew said they were still lugging around the 90mm Reckless as a "man portable" addition to their base of fire.

The 106 has a LOT more oomph, if only there be something nearby to carry it.

I haven't heard of anybody still using the old Putt-Putt Mule, which is a shame. It's the only thing that could do the job and still stay with leg infantry in alleys and rubble. Probably not expensive enough to interest DOD.