Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's all relative.

You know it's been bone-cracking cold for a while when the mercury kisses 34°F and it feels like sunbathing weather.


Michael said...

The polar bears called. They want their ice back.

Jeff the Baptist said...

Amen. I had coworkers talking about taking long walks at lunch because of how warm it was. I think they realized how cold temperatures still were about halfway out.

Moriarty said...

I stole a rare glance out of an exam room window yesterday and immediately ran to my wife's office and flung open the side door.

Direct sunlight streamed in for the first time in 2 weeks. My wife barely knew what to say.

This, in a place were 300 sunny days a year is typical.

Jason said...

Oh the weather outside is frightful

It's why I feel so spiteful

This winter stuff is getting old

Effin' Cold Effin' Cold Effin' Cold!

My thoughts on winter in general, now in filk format.

Bob said...

Ain't that the truth.

wv: bacen. even spelled wrong it sounds delicious.

Crucis said...

I went out an shoveled some snow off the wife's side of the driveway. Spent about 15 minutes outside. Neighbor asked if I was cold since I wasn't wearing a jacket, just a cotton long sleeved shirt.

With no breeze, it wasn't bad at all. Not like last week when the high was -4 and the wind chill was -45 with blowing snow.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Your region too? When the temp cracked 40 I stripped down to my speedo style bikini underwear and started singing:

I'm Mister
Heat Meiser
I'm Mister... Sun!

I'm Mister
Green Christmas
I'm Mister... 101!

Crucis said...

Yeah, it's 41F outside right now. S'posed to be warmer tomorrow and in the 50s next week!

I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop...

Rabbit said...

I regret to tell you it's a gray and cloudy 61 degrees in DeeEffDubya.

The dog's waterbowl out back still has a solid chunk of ice in it, though.


Home on the Range said...

Barkley is laying out on the deck, belly to the sun, acting as his own solar heating source. I may let him sleep on the bed tonight.

The Jack said...

The lack of wind and sun made if feel rather warm.

For the first time in a month, I could go out and take the dog on a run.

Old Grouch said...

First day above freezing in Indy since New Year's Eve.

John said...

Sweater and a vest bicycling weather. Don't even need the survival gear backback. Pavement mostly dry. West wind was a solid wall of resistance-workout, tho.

Ain't putting the wool and Windstopper suit away, yet, tho.

John, the Red


Marja said...

Has been around -5 C (23 F) for the last couple of days on this part of the planet (Finland). Before that between -20 and -25 C for a few weeks. Yes, right now feels quite warm. I haven't even been wearing long underwear.

Dixie said...

"I'm Mister Heat Meiser..."

Heh. I thought I was the only one who had that song stuck in my head.

I've nicknamed a friend of mine Snow Miser, due to the fact that he *likes* the sub-freezing weather.

/Some like it hot
//But I like it *REALLY* hot!

Brian J. said...

On the Marquette campus in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 40 degrees marks the return of shorts on the students.

Owen said...

Oh no kidding. Poor Frank (mah dog) got his first nice long walk in almost three weeks last night. After a nice 3 miler, he collapsed in contented heap, and didn't move until 6am this morning.

In other new, I think I know why he's been running around barking all night.

wv: hexed - my condition when frank doesn't get enough exercise.

Fiftycal said...

Hey, tell me. Thank Algore for globull warming. Imagine what it would be like without it! It was colder here in Austin than it's been in TWENTY YEARS! Got down to 18. And it hasn't hit 70 yet this year!