Friday, January 22, 2010

The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Les asks why the curse on Air America?

Obviously it's because they made a pact with the Devil to defeat Norm Coleman.


Anonymous said...

It helps to have something to say that's worthy of attention. It helps to be credible. It helps to say it in an interesting and entertaining manner.

When you fail at these, you don't get an audience so advertising doesn't get sold and you don't get much syndication and so you go broke. The real world is a free market, not a government bailout. Ya gotta earn success.

I guess you could call it flunking "Doing Bidness 101". To be expected, when the courses are taught by the Professor Obamas of this world.


Stranger said...

Air America's principals never realized their talkers were primarily entertainers. No entertainment, no audience; which leads to no sponsors, no revenue, and Pfft Pfft, she's gone!

From the feedback I get from Sleepy Eye, New Ulm, Pipestone, Wadena, and many other places in Minnesota, I expect the TEA Party to have a great deal to say about who will be their next Secretary of State.

The Gopher State is becoming increasingly displeased with Boso Franken. And the election fraud that put Boso in Congress.


Old Grouch said...

Then there's the problem of trying to achieve commercial success in a business where the market leader is subsidized by the federal government.

Old Grouch said...

...AHEM, as you noted in your earlier post.

(Serves me right for starting at the top of the page. Grumble)

Anonymous said...

Why pay to listen to Air America when you hear the same crap for free via MSNBC, NPR, ABC, CBS, etc? "All Obama, All the Time!"

GeorgeAtl said...

Their business plan was backwards!! They paid stations to carry them, when in reality it's supposed to work the other way...stations are supposed to pay the freight!!
But then again, that's the lib business sense at work once again.