Saturday, January 23, 2010

Required Reading...

It just occurred to me that I don't have a copy of Kuhnhausen's The S&W Revolver: A Shop Manual. This is an oversight I need to fix if I am going to continue taking the sideplates off of guns.

Being able to do this is a big deal to me. Knowing what goes on inside the guns has long been a theoretical thing for me, since I am not what one would call "good with her hands". I know how they work; I've watched them getting worked on for years (the benefit of working in places that fix busted guns and not being scared to ask questions); but actually working on them myself? Never did it.


Jim said...

It may not work for you, but I always shoot a rabbit while the revolver is still assembled and hang its left front foot over my bench. I then consult a minister, priest, and rabbi. Later, after counseling by a Druid guy I know, I put some kinnickkinnick in my pipe and offer smoke to Four Winds, Mother Earth, and Taku Wakan,

Then I get out the screwdrivers and look to see which side the side plate is on.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a nice little b-day present for my favorite snarkmistress...let me know the cost and I'll drop it in the jar.


Tam said...


I added it to the Amazon Wish List on the right. :)

Anonymous said...

Huh...the listing says it's currently unavailable, so I dropped the cash in the jar. Hope you find a copy, and that you have a great birthday. Thanks for the daily entertainment and education. Anon

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty good with things, but stopped with polishing the rebound slide. K.'s book is on my shelf, but actually slicking up and repairing those critters is lots of handwork and experience. FWIW, get a beater for practice and one of those magnetic bowls to hold your parts.

wv - mismigun - huh? (checks safe and hip) Nope, all present or accounted for!

rickn8or said...

Happyful Birfday, yer Tam-ness, and check the tip jar.

Rev. Paul said...

Happy birthday, Tam - I hope it's a good one.

GuardDuck said...

You got yourself an interesting reading list. Eclectic and varied historical, technological and political reading - I like it.

Jeff said...

Happy Birthday Tam.

I got the book when I got my first Smith, I've got both 1911 books, if he had a Sig book I'd have that as well. I'm weird like that.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms Tam -

Just got off the phone with the nice lady at Heritage Gun Books ( The Kuhnhasen manuals are availble directly from them.

Order phone number is 1-888-634-4104, or order online.

Great books, highly recommended.


Paul said...

who need books? just take them apart and then spend a week looking at the pile of parts till you feel inspired to put it back together.

Oh, that was the makarov. Damn russians. Happy B-Day.

ditto said...

Happy Birthday!
I would have bet a paycheck you were one to dive in and "experiment" with the inner working of anything that sends a bullet down range.

Just do what I do. Open her up and start looking. You will figure it out.
I would much rather take a Smith down to the bare bones than a Ruger Mk 1.

Firehand said...

Excellent book. I lucked out and got a used-but-almost-new copy at the Tulsa show a couple of years back.

Just take your time, and it'll go fine: we have confidence in you!

(by the way, watch out for that rebound spring, especially putting it and the slide back in)

Jim said...

When you can remove the sideplate from your Security-Six, you'll have arrived!

Well, you'll have arrived, but the gun will be dearly departed. "Departed". Which is such an appropriate word in this instance.

Happy Birthday!

Sunk New Dawn
Galveston, TX