Tuesday, January 19, 2010

QotD: Karma edition.

D.W. commenting on the ChiComs yanking Pocahontas Does Pandora off the screen:
Here's a crayon, Jimmy. Write this down. China's reality is the unavoidable end state of all that hopeychange horsesh*t that Barry's trying to pull. Think about that the next time you decide to spend $300 million crapping on the country that allows you to make your lousy movies.


Retardo said...

Not quite. In a lot of important ways, the PRC has more economic freedom than the left wants for the US. How many unions do you think they have? Their version of OSHA is a box of Hefty bags for the severed limbs.

Unlike the Democratic party, their statist thugs actually know where goods and services come from.

Mind you, there's such a thing as a happy medium. I'd rather have OSHA than a stump.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there's more than a few Chinese who are simply watching it on a pirate DVD.

w.v pinesto: where you buy pine, of course

2yellowdogs said...

Great quote, but I'm skeptical about Jimmy making the logical connection. I'm pretty sure he'll still be a confirmed and ardent hopeychangeophile.

The Hollywood oligarchs can't conceive of thigs devolving here to the extent that it would impinge on their "creative integrity", let alone their pocketbooks. He'll write this off to an insufficient levle of world-regarding sensitivity and multiculturalism on his part. No doubt as a result of all his years spent here, away from his native Canuckistan.

It's really our fault, you see.

Chas S. Clifton said...

I would be interested in seeing Chow Yun-Fat play Confucius, actually.

WV: RUSHERL. When someone is in a hurry to hear that talk-show guy.

Comrade Misfit said...

{shrug} Dancing With Very Large Smurfs has already grossed $1.6 billion world-wide, so I don't imagine that James Cameron is doing much now other than laughing very hard at his nay-sayers. For if you want to look at it from the conservative point of view: The Markets Have Spoken.