Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Reading recommendation sought.

Has anyone read Starving the Monkeys?

Any good?


Anonymous said...

Does one do this at Menard's?

Shootin' Buddy

Tam said...

No, that's shaving the monkeys.

(People who've never heard Menard's commercials are totally not getting this.)

Anonymous said...

Totally not getting Menard's. The monkey book's add style has a Special Forces top secret martial art death technique feel to it that totally turns me off. But maybe it's just because deep down I'm a monkey.


Tam said...

Menard's, a regional chain, sports the commercial jingle "Save big money at Menard's!" which gets sung as "Shave big monkeys at Menard's!" around Roseholme Cottage.

Newbius said...


I am halfway through it. Good so far. But, then again, I like Atlas Shrugged and have read THAT one about 10 times.


(WV: "uption" where a caption goes?)

Chas S. Clifton said...

Anyone who writes, "This book would never pass the filtering process that exists at a normal publisher" is either (a) ignorant of the publishing business or (b) trying to convince you that they have sooper-sekret knowledge.

We need a word that means "literary equivalent of mall ninja."

Anonymous said...

"literary equivalent of mall ninja"
Good idea. Some suggestions:
pendeltonish ("The Executioner")
"worthy of the Orange Ninja"

Richard said...

The author definitely has an enormous attitude, but I'm half way through and enjoying it so far.

He draws an extended analogy to a caveman tribe which is very well put; by the time he reached the cooperation of religion and state I was starting to get mad at the world. (Righteous indignation, perhaps?)

milton f said...

I am better than halfway and it is an interesting read. Collectivists WILL NOT like this book, as these are the monkeys the author advocates starving. Massive *recommended reading* lists and *entertaining* psychological individuality-assessing experiments are/will be challenging. Imagine playing the Soviet national anthem while playing an official version of "sink your battleship". Hilarious.