Thursday, January 28, 2010


I think in future editions of the dictionary, when you look up "Peter Principle", there will be a little line drawing of Barry O. gazing sternly into the distance with that "Who farted?" expression on his face.

The party insiders that got behind this guy have got to be having serious buyer's remorse by this point. They looked at Barry and saw a dynamic, good-looking, young-ish guy who could rally a crowd and thought "We could get this guy into the White House!" and nobody stopped to think for a minute that he was already in over his head as a Senator.

EDIT: Biggest belly laugh I've had on the 'net today:
Well, Mr. President -- we finally have a point of common ground.


Anonymous said...

Yep he definatly is there!You can't look any more stupid than he did during the state of the union address!He thinks we are stupid!But in actuality it is he because he will not get anything except booted out of office!

Hat Trick said...

Tam, are you kidding me!? He was in over his head even as a community organizer! Until last night I thought that delivering a good speech was his only competency.

DJ said...

Now that we (as a nation) have proved true that old saying, "In the U.S., ANYONE can grow up to be President!", we can go back to electing competent leaders (if any can be found...).

Tam said...

Like my friend Art, at this point I'll settle for responsible adults.

Pathfinder said...

Funny comment about bho. Funniest of the day (1/29) is here:

For those too lazy to cut and paste, it references bho ending up as a Hitler-in-the-bunker satire video on youtube.