Thursday, January 14, 2010

Halfway to England.

The authorities advised him to get his family out of town for their own protection, and then arrested him for trying to protect them himself.

Fan-frickin-tastic. You're supposed to pay taxes to the government to fund essential services, not so you can essentially get serviced by the government.


Anonymous said...

He's brown, he gets extra repression, free of charge.

The police frisk him? For what? Being brown without a license?

No motion to suppress?

Shootin' Buddy

Joanna said...

Found in last night's AoSHQ overnight thread: A guy in England was arrested at his home because someone else wrote an e-mail that a third party decided had the potential to racially offend a fourth party (who insisted they weren't offended in the first place). The problem: a word in the e-mail (which this guy didn't write!) rhymed with a word that might be offensive. His DNA is now on file indefinitely.

What's next? Kids turning in their parents because teacher said they shouldn't use those light bulbs?

RuffRidr said...

I wonder what sentencing the home invaders received. I would not be one bit surprised to learn that the victim will be spending more time in jail than the violent criminals.

The Raving Prophet said...

Yet somebody else learns the hard way that when police ask you questions about illegal activity they are not doing so in order to keep you safe. They are trying to get you to implicate yourself.

Old Grouch said...

Time to get "self defense" declared a fundamental human right.

(Somebody else brought this one up before, but worth repeating.)

Matt said...

It reminds me of something I read awhile back. If confronted by police NEVER volunteer anything. When they say they can use what you say against you, they mean it. Lets face it, in a situation like that the police aren't your friends or buddies. They are doing a job and most times all they're going to care about is if they think you're breaking the law.

wolfwalker said...


Law professors say so.

Experienced cops say so.

Rural cops are okay, if folks like LawDog are typical. But city cops are a different breed. DON'T TALK TO THEM. If you have a crime to report, do it and end the conversation right there. Nothing more. Don't say anything else, don't suggest anything else, don't volunteer anything else. They are not your friends.

Weer'd Beard said...

Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

Step 1: Make all guns Illegal
Step 2: Wage war!

Yeah he had to buy a gun from a street dealer, and didn't have a permit for it.

In the free world (which is not here in Massachusetts) you can simply go into a gun shop and BUY a gun and if you get stopped by the Po-Po with a little luck if you feel the need to disclose you have a gun for protection they'll say:
"Oh, what kind?...Yeah I've heard good things about those. How much you end up paying for it?"

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

What's the cop doing frisking him in the first place? Where is the probable cause?

4th Amendment violation, anyone?

Robert Langham said...

Disgusting. Family hanging on by fingernails and the police and city stomp on their fingers.

Ken said...

Time to get "self defense" declared a fundamental human right.

Okay. Self-defense is a fundamental human right. I reckon I have as much authority as the next guy to say so.

No, I don't care who the next guy is.

Anonymous said...

I got hassled last night for legally parking. Don't tell the police NOTHING. Stay calm, provide the legal requirements, and with just a stroke of luck you'll prevail. When the SHTF they will wish you are on their side.

See Ya

Anonymous said...

Someone somewhere needs to go for a short drop and sudden stop.

This is NOT RIGHT.


Anonymous said...

Remember when the police were the friend of the honest citizen and the enemy of the criminal instead of the other way around?
It is sad, truly sad, that one cannot trust the police, anymore.

wolfwalker said...

Anon, I think that changed right around the time that police officers started acting and training like soldiers. Every time I see a state trooper with a high-and-tight cut and "I am obsessive about physical fitness" build, I wonder whose brilliant idea it was to have the police look like skinheads.

loren said...

Why was he frisked? Who knows? The perps lie, the cop lies, the witnesses lie and the reporter wasn't there.
Anyone who fully believes what's written in the media (or here) is a fool. Nothing in the media is 100% accurate. You can only glean a general idea of what happened. The lesson here is stay reasonably legal, don't volunteer information to a cop - any cop. The other is vote with your feet and leave the "people's republics".

OrangeNeck said...

That's why I moved out of the shithole that's NYC. I still hate living in NYS, but at least where I am, I get to have my toys and play with them too.

staghounds said...

Loren is right. And "Never" is a long time and covers a lot of circumstances. "I refuse to talk to you" will usually get you more carefully noticed, which might not be such a good thing.

I'm puzzled by the article itself.

Doesn't the NYT believe in gun control? The headline ought to be

"Another Gun Off The Streets".

Maybe it's newsworthy because the Baez family were beneficiaries of NYT benificence.

Anonymous said...

Buying a stolen gun off the streets? Stupid.

Living in NYC? Stupid.

Getting $10K in debt because you don't want to give up a rent-controlled apartment? Stupid.

Moving to New Jersey, but not buying a legal gun there? Stupid.
(Yes, bringing it into NYC would have been illegal, but that's a misdemeanor that maybe could have been plead out).

Volunteering information about a weapon that isn't even on your person? Stupid.

When I see a long trail of stupid, I don't expect it to end well.

perlhaqr said...

Shoulda pulled up stakes and moved somewhere else entirely. that $745 a month would get them an entire house here in Albuquerque, and no stupid anti-gun laws to boot.

Anonymous said...

One of several reasons that I will never live in NYC, or even visit unless I stand to profit A WHOLE BUNCH from the trip.

I still bless a former employer for transferring me to Texas. LOVE THIS STATE!!!

cap'n chumbucket.