Sunday, January 17, 2010

Gun show report.

  • The ammunition situation is still slowly returning to normalcy in fits and starts. .380 seemed lots more abundant. Bulk rimfire is still less-than-common, and at a giant 1500-table show, no vendor had it significantly cheaper than I could go get it at The Mountain of Geese.
  • Also picked up some 9mm and .38 Spl, and a box of Prvi .32ACP.
  • The guys from DoubleStar had a smokin' sale on CMMG .22LR conversion kits. I got one. Bobbi got one. The two guys standing next to me each got one. I picked up a 20rd Pmag to replace the one I trashed, too.
  • Being a sucker for gimmicky trinkets, I bought a little carbon fiber neck knife from DJ Knives because, hey, you never know when you may need a tiny solid carbon fiber knife, right? Plus it was only $20.
  • Stopped by the 3 Part Supply booth. Meant to come back around and get another can of Strike Hold. Oops. Thank heavens for internet shopping!
  • Spotted a really nice Savage 1907 and a middlin' fair Remington 51, each for $350. Decided to be practical this show.


Ed Foster said...

Or, anent carbon fiber neck knives (we should all be carrying them, assuming we learn something about using them), may I suggest finding somebody who owns an industrial bandsaw, having him put the blade on backwards, so it's cutting with the dull, angled, back part of the teeth, and roughing out any form of blade you want in 1/4" or 3/8" Lexan.

Get it closer to done on a belt sander, and finish with a Dremel Tool to get the hollow edges.

Amazing what can be thought of when anybody with a magic marker can doodle up a weapon that can be carried anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Like that Strike Hold?

Al T.

WV - "boathso" - what Mike does in the summer.

Midwest Chick said...

The knife looks interesting. Being vertically challenged, neck knives are difficult since they're meant for normal sized folks. But I can never resist gimmicky sharp-pointy objects.

Tam said...

"Like that Strike Hold?"

Thus far it has proven to be the bomb-diggity-shizznit.

Everything from keeping a 22/45 running when it was so caked with filth that carbon was flying out of the ejection port in divots to easing the extraction of spent cases on my .22 rimfire Smiths.

I've also discovered that spraying it on the face of the cylinder before a range session makes wiping the cack off afterward a lot easier, since the fouling is atop the film of dry lube.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried WeaponShield? Kinda wondering how Strike-Hold compares.


Tam said...


"Have you tried WeaponShield?"

Never have. I'm not usually one to try new stuff "just because"; I've gotten fine results for many years with Butch's and/or FP-10... The 3 Part Supply folks had a great demo at the show, though, and so I gave it a whirl, and I've been impressed.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'll pick some up if the guy at the Dayton gun show has.

(Btw, Weapon Shield isn't really new, it's jut the product improved FP-10, which I had some great results with.)

Stranger said...

Well, I own a couple of Remington 51's, and a pair of PPK's, and a couple of Bersa's. Along with some single .380's.

I carry a 51, and $350 is not a bad price for one with a good bore and that will look presentable with some elbow grease. Or for that matter, one that could use a new finish.

The bumper shop special chrome plated Rem 51 has made a lot of hard miles with me.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't go cutting up a carbon fibre knife without either proper engineering controls or a meaningful set of appropriate PPE; the fibres are like porcupine quills and whatever they get lodged in, they stay in. They're particularly bad for your lungs.


alath said...

I would be interested in a range report on the CMMG kit when you get a chance to shoot it.