Thursday, January 28, 2010

I don't get it.

Who thought it was a good idea to give Ben's helicopter an aerial refueling?

I mean, the guy's economic skills have been endorsed by none other than both Dubya and Barry, which is like getting your babysitter recommended by John Gacy and Wayne Williams...


Drang said...

I suspect it was George Soros, but I'm just a bitter, gun-clinging, Tea Partying veteran, so what do I know?

wv: zedru. The alien who running Soros' mind control rays?

Standard Mischief said...

seriously, forget paying the visa off with the Amex, because helicopter Ben is buying monopoly money with the visa, selling it to the bankers for what ever he can get, and then immediately buying the same damn bills back with the Amex. At insane prices even.

All this bonus currency he's dropping is somehow going to keep us out of this deflationary depression a/k/a stag-deflation.

Yea, unhuh. And shit, that's the legal part of the scam.

The illegal part? well my word verification is, I swear, "fredi".

I guess someone else gets fannie for a WV?

danno said...

I think it's this kind of refueling:

Barbie said...

I was pissed when I saw that. After so many of our wonderful and thoughtful law makers said Ben was a douche, lo and behold, he is back.

Will Brown said...

Happen to notice who cast the "60th vote"?

Some guy from Massachussetts who stopped being a Senator last Tuesday, per Senate rules dating from 1939 (based on the 17th Ammendment IIRC).

How's that work?