Thursday, January 28, 2010

Confusion to our foes...

Rats. Ship. Some disassembly required.
For her part, Clinton tells PBS she is "absolutely not interested" in running again for president. But in the same interview, she suggests she is a one-term secretary of state. Clinton says considering the demands of the job, eight years would be very challenging.
Of course, just because Powell split in a pique didn't mean he was going to run against the Shrub, either.

(In the category of "words I never thought I'd hear myself say", there's this sentence: Hillary Clinton would be an improvement on the current President.)


Anonymous said...

We should all be so lucky as to have the captain actually go down with the ship.

It'd probably be more like the Far Side cartoon with the cook standing on the prow watching the captain etc. row away.


Divemedic said...

The only good thing about Barry is that he is too busy to tackle 2A issues.

Tam said...

I think in future editions of the dictionary, when you look up "Peter Principle", there will be a little line drawing of Barry O. gazing sternly into the distance with that "Who farted?" expression on his face.

Jenny said...

Kinda makes you look back with wistful fondness on that distant age, back when some of the Rush guys were voting for O in the Democrat Party primaries, don't it?

oops. :)

Carteach said...

I have had the same thought. As bad as Hillary is, at least she's a professional SOB, while BarryO has less substance than raw tofu.

Anonymous said...

Just had this conversation with my son last night. Commenting that both Bo and Joe were coming to Tampa today, we speculated on what would happen if there was a catastrophic occurrence.

Well, I told him that Al Haig's protestations notwithstanding, acting POTUS wouldn't be the SoS, it would of course be *gag* Pelosi.
Then *double gag* Byrd. And then, finally, Hills.

Yeah, much as I do dislike that gal, she most certainly would be an improvement over any of the above...and bonus, Brother Bill would be defacto vice. Not such a bad thing; his tenure was notable for his concentration on getting his bell rung and letting the bitter but effective medicine prescribed in the twelve years prior to his regime work their magic, a decade of relative peace and prosperity.

Yeah, I could deal with that.

Hilz4Prez? Missed our chance, I guess.

Anonymous said...

You have no idea what kind of socialist utopia Field Marshall Rodham would be jamming right now with *total* control of the House and Senate. Those two idiots that think they lead either House would rapidly discover what true political power wielded by a 'professional' really looks like.

Clinton I was just a warm up to what "The Won" took away from her.
If you think the current WH resident is bad you really don't want to see what Hillery would do with unfettered power.

Benevolence is *not* one of her strong suits.


Tam said...


You know, I don't buy it. If the ex-Junior Senator from NY was such a Machiavellian political hardballer, how come she got taken behind the woodshed by the goober currently sitting in the Oval Office?

The woman's been built up into this 50-foot-tall monster by the Talk Radio wing of the GOP when she's only won one election in her life and has a list of political accomplishments that is essentially blank. She's been stymied at every turn and is only where she is in life because she married someone even more ambitious than she is.

The only reason I'd prefer her over Barry at the moment is that, with all the talk about the economy, a lot of people seem to forget that there's still a great big scary world out there, and between Barry O. and Hillary Rodham, who would you rather have calling the shots if the time came to go to guns? The current Narcissist-in-Chief is a jellyfish and everybody from Kim to Hugo to Vlad knows it.

Heath J said...

I like Big O, in comparison to Mrs. Bill Clinton. The more they fight tooth and nail with Barry, the less our rights actually suffer. I LIKE gridlock.

Barack is a pill, 4 years worth, but we'll likely come out better for it. IF we survive it. McCain or Hillary would've just fast tracked us to hell..

Heath J said...

That, and I fucking HATE political dynasties.

Good riddance to the Camelot, the Clintoons, and the Bushes.

( I don't hold THAT much against Bush, He was good on many things, but I certainly wouldn't want 8 more years of him)

Timmeehh said...

"Hillary Clinton would be an improvement on the current President"

That made me shudder.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

"between Barry O. and Hillary Rodham, who would you rather have calling the shots if the time came to go to guns?"


Oh, I'm sorry. That wasn't one of the options, was it?

Brad K. said...

I keep holding my breath, afraid that B. Hussein Obama's first shots fired in anger will be at US Citizens, acting within legal and Constitutional bounds, on US soil.

He sure seems bent on inciting an excuse for martial law. Or maybe just bent.

Mikee said...

I disagree that Hillary Clinton would be an improvement over the current President.

She is a fairly competent individual, which might make her more effective in enacting her legislative agenda. That agenda is the same, or worse, than President Obama's agenda.

Why would it be better to have a competent socialist dictator?

Geodkyt said...

Because she's a socialist dictator who would at least make a PRETENSE at defending the country, out of regard for her legasy, if nothing else?