Friday, February 19, 2010


Roomie scored me a power supply the day before yesterday, but I haven't gotten around to bolting it into the old machine. I'm still doing all my blogging and web-surfing on the eMac, which is holding up pretty well, considering that it was a low-end machine when it was introduced six years ago. 

Still, not being able to boot up my old tower makes me realize how much stuff I had free-floating in my "My Documents" file just waiting to be used. I need to get that power supply installed this afternoon.


Noah D said...

Apropos of nothing: Beer!

Jenny said...

Online document storage is awesome for just this reason - you have access to 'em anywhere, any time. And they're always backed up.

Probably not where you want to put personal information or serial numbers or anything, but for research notes it's amazingly useful.

(Mine are in a purpose-built application, but I imagine googledocs or a plain old file storage account would work fine).

Joanna said...

I back up all my in-progress writing projects in GoogleDocs so I can access them from my work computer. This comes in handy because our Brand Spanking New machines are installed beneath our desks, and the USB ports are out of reach.

Of course, my Brand Spanking New machine runs IE6 (wtf?), support for which is being phased out by our Googly masters. So unless I can convince them to let me install Firefox (file under: not bloody likely), I may be screwed on that one, too.

Matt Wennerlund said...

For $35 or so you can get an adapter that plugs into the back of a bare drive and hooks to a computer with USB. Handy for those times when the computer is down, but the drive still works. Pull the drive out, plug it in to the adapter, and you can at least access the files.

Saved my bacon a few times.

Matt Wennerlund

Jenny said...

Joanna - show this to your IT guys..

That's why Google - and lots of other places - are dropping IE6 support. (Well, that and its CSS engine is a PITA to work around)

Dr. StrangeGun said...

IE6 is akin to an 80's 'manufactured home' with aluminum wiring... it may work fine for years or decades, but one day you're going to come home to no home. It's at the point where there are unfixable security issues... if you absolutely, positively have to use it for an application I highly recommend you either sandbox it or find some way to whitelist it so it can only go to sites you want it to.

Now, what I meant to comment... Tam, if you're still messin' around with the powerbook 500 series I managed to find the bits I couldn't back when... found a SCSI-1 adapter and I think I spotted another power supply. Drop me an email (mfree if you want 'em, think I may have a SCSI enclosure too if you need, and I know I've got spare ~200-400Mb drives (huge for OS 6,7,8,etc)