Thursday, February 18, 2010

The things I learn on the intertubes...

I had no idea that there was a British spinoff of Law & Order.

I went and looked at the actual Crown Prosecution Services website, and there was, indeed, a sort of FAQ section. The question I most wanted answered wasn't covered, however: "What's up with the funny wigs, anyway?"


Anonymous said...

"This week on Law & Order UK:

Teenagers assault elderly people and go free...90 year old woman stands trial for whacking one of them with her cane.

Repeat robbery victim Tony Martin on trial for shooting thugs inside his own home."

(boing boing sound)

Torn from the headlines, and all that...

Tam said...

The original is set in NYC, which is every bit as odd and foreign to me.

Stranger said...

A hobby-sharing Brit Constable tells me only about eight percent of London's crimes are reported to the police. Largely because the people are as afraid of the polis as they are of the yobs.

To make matters worse, the Crown Prosecution Services do not report (admit) most major crimes after a conviction and after all appeals have been exhausted. Which really throws a monkey wrench into keeping track of violence.

But even with censorship, the United Kingdom is still the most violent industrialized society on Earth.


John Peddie (Toronto) said...

Google "Court Dress" on the wigs and robes.

Also "Barristers wigs" and "solicitors wigs" if you aren't bored yet.

Lawyers in the UK traditionally came in two flavours: barristers and solicitors. You could Google that too.

Anonymous said...

I'll even assist the lazy.

Jay T said...

Does the UK version have the cool music?

Anonymous said...

Re Brit wigs" Also known as "rugs". There's little or no central heating in England, therefore...
Also, just heard California wants $300 per 911 call. La la, la la,,,

Anonymous said...

"A hobby-sharing Brit Constable tells me only about eight percent of London's crimes are reported to the police. Largely because the people are as afraid of the polis as they are of the yobs."

Tru dat. If you report a crime to the police, they're obliged to tally-up one unsolved crime on their yearly statistics. If, however, they can get you for... well, anything at all; why, that's one crime solved, isn't it? One for one, you see?

Suggested reading:


Joanna said...

If all that about the police and crime reporting is true, how long do you think it'll take before they get some honest-to-God masked vigilantes over there? Seriously -- it's prime Batman territory.

John A said...

It is in its second season, sixth episode.

And yes, the introductory music is the same.

I've been watching it all along: have I ever mentioned Usenet here? I'm sure I have... I have been watching shows from several Anglosphere countries for years. "Alt.binaries." tv, teevee, multimedia. british.drama, tv.aus and so on.

staghounds said...

Just in case you don't know her work, the best writer on actual Law and Order in England today is Ellie. She has a keen eye, wide range, sharp mind, wise perspective, and clear voice.

And I love the whole wig thing myself. But consider the source, look what I wear for fun.

Ed Foster said...

A cousin of mine over there is a Solicitor. Being as she's a she, I gather there is a certain sense that female lawyers should stay in the office and write wills, presumably barefoot and pregnant, while the boys wear the wigs and look colorful.

The stories about the British cops (not the Irish cops, do not even THINK about messing with the Garda) are quite true.

They actually monitor each case and change their statistics when a case is pleaded down to a lesser offense, and eliminate the case from their statistics when the individual is let off with a warning.

You can get up to three warnings before prosecution for "minor" felonies like home invasion if nobody's hurt.

Fire up the director's cut of "Clockwork Orange" to get an idea how things really are in the housing estates or some of the rural areas.

After the Jamaican and Cypriot pimps and drug peddlars executed 3 or 4 police in Huddlesfield, everyone agreed on a proper British compromise.

The Jamaicans pimp their ladies, the Cypriots sell their drugs, and the police direct traffic. Interestingly, the entire police force said they would resign before carrying guns.

When God gives the English speaking world the great enema, Blighty is where he will put the tube.