Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Double standards?

So a judge has ruled that the Founding Dads could envision

Which is cool and all, but what I'd like to know is how many people cheering that decision also believe that the same Founding Dads couldn't envision the cheap Romanian SKS?


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

It's a mystery.

Blackwing1 said...

Could they have imagined the even-cheaper Chi-Com SKS? I recall 'em retailing for $80 apiece back when.

Could they have imagined federal tax dollars being spent for "art" which consisted heck, I'm not even gonna bother. They'd have taken one look around at the fascist nanny-state we've devolved into and started another Revolution.

Anonymous said...

That's cause expression is a natural, beautiful thing, and being armed for self preservation is aa foreign a concept as bathing more than once a week.

Unknown said...

Time Machine Dude: "And in the future, rifles load themselves!"

Founding Dude: "My dream come true! That's exactly what we need to defeat the British! How many did you bring?"

Time Machine Dude: "Only one. If I buy more than that on the same form 4473, the government will investigate me. And, sorry, I can't give it to you, because technically that would be an interstate sale and I could be jailed for straw purchases and trafficking."

Founding Dude: "I understand completely. Your benevolent government deserves your respectful obedience."

Joanna said...

"Your benevolent government deserves your respectful obedience."

I would have no problem with that statement if the government was, in fact, benevolent. Instead, we have a meddling, invasive system that regards the governed with barely concealed suspicion and contempt, all the while telling us how magnanimous it is. Pfft.

The ibuprofen isn't working. Can you tell?

Ed Foster said...

What was that Harry Turtledove book where the time traveller goes back and gives Robert E. Lee a zillion AK-47's?

I never bought it, because Turtledove has certain illogical mindsets and prejudices that poison his work for me.

Parenthetically, he does write good narrative and I have learned a thing or two on writing from studying his work, but the rationalizations througout his writing stretch the envelope of one's "Willing Suspension Of Disbelief".

Dropping a figurative Ritalin and getting back on topic, don't knock lefty paranoia on firearms, it got me one of them for free, with a nice financial kickback besides.

When they first decided that AKS semiautos were bad things and couldn't be sold here in Connecticut, the first banned list also included the SKS, which the Hartford Courant refered to as a "cheap knock-off of the AK-47".

Hilarious on several levels. They changed their minds after three days, but by that time I had turned in my 3 ChiCom bring homes for $375, bought a new one for $90 after they were removed from the Evil List, and pocketed $280, a not inconsiderable sum in those G.I. Bill/2 jobs/no sleep/constantly preggers young wife days.

Played intelligently, liberal stupidity is like the futures or currency exchange market. Just remember to always sell the government short.

Rabbit said...

Guns of the South.

Obviously, Facebook fits the agenda for today, whereas little things like the Ferguson rifle are swept under the Colonial rug.



I'm an unwashed heaten, since I don't carry a Glock.

Kristophr said...

Joanna: Founding Dude was being sarcastic ... and was fairly certain said sarcasm would go right over Time Machine Dude's head.

Kristophr said...

Rabbit: People weren't ready for the Ferguson Rifle.

Look up the Starr revolver sometime ... a perfectly good double-action cap and ball. The company nearly went banko, until they decided to dumb it down into a single action, which then actually sold.

staghounds said...

The Starr wasn't really double action as we know it today, it was switch selective.

But the Daw and Beaumont, even earlier, were. As were the Lefaucheux and Perrin, perfectly serviceabl, large caliber self contained metallic cartridge revolvers.

staghounds said...


Some of

them actually

have Facebook


Jay T said...

Off to make Von Stuben facebook page...

The Raving Prophet said...

At the rate things have been going, I'm surprised the left is seeing any part of the Constitution as still relevant and forward looking. They sure scrapped the whole idea of a limited federal government.

The Freeholder said...

"We have constitutional values that will always need to be redefined due to changes in technology and society," said Ryan Calo, an attorney with Stanford Law School's Center for Internet and Society.

I believe he'd be one of the people not cheering the cheap SKS.