Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's like two tablets of Euphoridol™.

AnotherGunChick on the effect of a sudden outbreak of sunshine in the winter gloom:
The snow is still here. The roads are not iced over and the sun is shining full and bright. The SUN is shining. The weatherman said cold, breezy and cloudy. It is cold and there is a slight breeze but the Sun is shining. Did I mention the sun is shining.
When Mr. Sun finally made his appearance here in Indy late last week, the sunlight was almost drug-strength, amplified as it was by the blanket of white on the ground.

(Oh, and now they're calling for more snow tonight and tomorrow, another 5" or so. You know, to freshen our drink, so to speak, just in case the sun had melted any off...)


Joanna said...

Oh, so I can fall on my crutches and break my arm? Yay! *crawls into the corner, weeps quietly in frustration*

Anonymous said...

Y'know, I really enjoy reading about all this snow and stuff. I see it as a case of vicarious learning in triumph over hands-on misery.



Tam said...

Actually, Art, I kinda like it. Remember: Back in early '08 when I moved up here, I rushed my move to make it up in mid February before winter ended. ;)

Laura said...

i'm happy we're only getting 6". i can't handle any more feet of snow.

Anonymous said...

We got a good dose of vitamin S here too, good thing. I can live with cold, but I don't know how people on the coast can stand wall-to-wall overcast all winter.


w/v: sping. The season immediately following winter for Garand fans.

Anonymous said...

Snow and sunshine make a beautiful combination, as do frost and sunshine. -- Lyle