Saturday, February 13, 2010

Watch it all burn.

Billy Beck on the Scott Brown win:
You had to hear me laughing during that Scott Brown flail over in Massachusetts. Everywhere around me, conservatives and Republicans were just about shooting guns off in the streets in celebration.
Mostly what I experienced over the Scott Brown thing was a sense of schadenfreude. I mean, if me and Ted Kennedy had both fallen off a cliff and he'd hit the ground first, I'd have cratered in laughing, know what I mean?

The sight of all the gloomy hangdog mugs in front of network cameras and the gaffed-fish backing and filling from Barry as his plans screeched to a very public, if temporary, halt was chucklesome, too. When one is going to hell in a bucket, one enjoys the ride however one can.


Anonymous said...

But thanks to Scott Brown's win you may not be going to hell in a bucket as Brown put the kybosh on Obamacare.

If only there were a difference between Republicans and Democrats we could stop health care reform . . . oh, wait, mom, hold my Cheetos and my bong, there IS a difference!!!

Shootin' Buddy

Tam said...


I'll bet you a bag of Cheetos, a bong, and $5 that some variation or another of Obamacare passes before '12. And the members of the dead elephant party that don't actively collude won't be able to do dick-all about it.

(PS: Who was it that gave me the Medicare prescription drug fiasco? Was that the Democrat-controlled Congress? No, wait, the Socialist-controlled Congress? The Greens? Wobblies? No, wait, I remember now!

Anonymous said...

> The sight of all the gloomy hangdog mugs
> in front of network cameras

I don't think I've seen such a collective heart break since John Allen Muhammad was arrested back in 2002.

When it was announced that the D.C. sniper wasn't a white conservative male named with an NRA sticker on his vehicle, you could sense the mediaocracy struggling to hold back their tears as they had to discard the stories and opinion pieces they had already prepared for the momentous occasion.

Anonymous said...

And the number of Republicans that have voted in support of Obamacare is . . . zero.

Brown signed his autograph in Massachusetts as "Scott Brown, #41".

While the Libertarians are in the basement debating Kirk v. Picard or wishing light sabers into being, Republicans are doing the grown up work of stopping Obama. That way we don't go to hell in a bucket. However, it is much fun to see the media suffer.

Shootin' Buddy

Tam said...

I still can't remember who did that massive Medicare expansion; help me out, here. And then there was that latest round of Fed.Gov meddling in education... No Child Left Something-or-other.

Oh, and "Stop Obama"? The Republicans have stopped neither jack nor shit. Barry's gotten everything he wanted so far, and the GOP has "stopped" Obamacare the way the Colts had "won" the Super Bowl while Roger Daltrey was singing. Just watch.

og said...

I will be perfectly contented the day conservatives (NOT republicans) have so much power that a Democrat dogcatcher is a publicly lauded victory. Until then, I'm not buying that any kind of progress has been made.

But I'll laugh as I augur in, too.

Anonymous said...

I realize that for the Libertarian fantasy to continue there must be no difference between the parties, but Scott Brown's victory proves that there is.

Barry got his spending bill, but just how many Republicans voted for the stimulus bill? 40, 50, maybe 100? Oh, I remember it was 0. Could there be a difference between the parties? But, but that may mean mommmy and daddy were right and I'll have to move out of the basement! Save me, Captain Picard.

Obamacare is stopped dead in it's tracks as idle as a Libertarian on the couch reading sci fi. Congressional Democrats are running from it like schoolgirls.

Cap and Tax is stopped dead in its tracks. Cooling its heels under feet of snow and Republican dissent.

UNS Socialism is spewing oil and listing badly. It was Republican torpedos that scored.

The adults have work to do in November so the Libertarian Party and its allied Wookies can go back to the Star Wars debate club that it is.

And when the Republicans come back in 2011 and 2013 I hope their first act is to legalize pot so we never have to listen to Libertarians whine about "you're not fixing the car fast enough and give me another comic book".

Shootin' Buddy

Hunsdon said...

Shootin' Buddy:

I would love to have faith in the GOP. I am pleased to see the GOP blocking the Democrats' plans to further nationalize, well, everything. I really am.

Dang, it's funny how they're actually pretty decent in opposition. You'd almost think they were acting on principle . . . until you look at how they act when they're in power.

Tam said...

Yeah, if I was trying to defend the guys who did nothing with their control of Congress from '94 to '06 except grow the federal government and spend like drunken sailors, I'd probably resort to hand-waving about Captain Picard and making pot jokes, too.

Stephen said...

Perhaps brief, but still that little ray of sunshine felt good

phlegmfatale said...

I concur with your assertion that we are on the ride to Obamacare no matter what. As someone sagely observed in Zombieland, ya gotta enjoy the little things.

Joanna said...

As someone sagely observed in Zombieland, ya gotta enjoy the little things.

And yet, in a supreme ironic twist, the do-gooders will eventually make Twinkies illegal.

TJP said...

That's the part I'm afraid of: aside from the fact that Team State doesn't seem to get the fact that no care will actually be provided by bureaucrats, the ride involves my personal bankruptcy. Apparently the thinking in Warshingtun is that a slaughtered ox will still pull the plow during the next season.

It's a wonderful situation in which we find ourselves. Forty years of government-subsidized market distortion of the medical industry have resulted in the creation of wonder-drugs and treatments which almost no one can actually afford.

Drang said...

I believe Mr. Beck missed a lot of expressing doubts about Mr. Brown, even while expressing their schadenfreude over seeing "Teddy's Seat" go to a nominal Republican.

There has certainly been enough fiscal Constitutional and irresponsibility committed by Republicans, much of it in a spirit of bi-partisanship that the Obamoids can (but won't) only dream about paying lip service to.

As I put it a while back, the Republicans were spending like drunken sailors, the Democrats are spending like drunken Republicans.