Friday, February 19, 2010

Holster pr0n:

Michael Bane shows off his 1911 rig for Wild Bunch class SASS shooting.

That's pretty cool right there.


Anonymous said...

It does look like something one of the village people would wear sans pistol.

NotClauswitz said...

That Wild Bunch is one kind of SASS shootin' I could see doing. I've already got the gun but don't have any cowboy boots.

Anonymous said...

love the rig!! love a high and right rig for most of my revolvers and pistols.must pull out my gov model and go play!!

Stretch said...

I can see Doc Holiday or Bat Masterson wearing such a rig.

Ed Foster said...

Now if they only had an '03 Springfield course to match it.

Rodney Wells, over at East Windsor Sportsmen, has a three gun (open to the public) with an 1897 shotgun, a 1911 from a G.I. leather holster, and a Springfield offhand, all under a vicious time limit, that humbled me last time I tried it.

I WILL do much better next time. Friggin' Winchester.

Tam said...

As I understand it, SASS uses pistol-caliber leverguns because it opens up a wider array of ranges for holding matches.

Ed Foster said...

Hmmm.... Club supplied mid-range loads for the '06 maybe? A dozen or 15 grains of Unique under G.I. surplus 147 or 150 grain bullets? Bright blue DyeChem marker on the bullet noses and primers so everyone understands what they're stuffing into the magazine?

Mid 1,500's for velocity, no problems with noise or recoil, and no cheating skinks like Eric Timrud, sneaking in with 03-A3's and the peep sight right in front of your eyeball the way it was meant to be.

Actually, he's just a (slightly) better shot than me, who practices constantly with unbelievable amounts of ammo. I just whine about the A3 sight as an excuse for not getting my ass out to the range a fifth as often as he manages, or putting in the bucks and work ethic the mad Norske does.

But it is a point. The A3's clean up in the NRA's classic service rifle class because of the rear mounted peep sight, which wasn't available when Pancho Villa was in his prime.

I'll have to get on to Rodney, and make sure the club gun supplied is shot with either the tiny peep up forward of the reciever, or with the open battlesight. Maybe even a short trigger and flat mainspring housing on the pistol, a la the original.

Then I have to get used to that wierd flop block '97 shotgun.