Thursday, February 18, 2010

The plight of the Na'vistinians.

Look for a lot more protesters painting themselves blue and trying to link their cause to sympathetic cartoon savages in the future.
The villagers have compared their situation to the popular film "Avatar" because of the barrier's proximity to their village.
Yeah, except for the part where the Na'vi didn't stuff their drawers full of semtex and auto-destruct in pizza parlors and you aren't nine feet tall with USB plugs at the end of your ponytails; other than that, there's no difference.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

This is the kind of thing where I have to sit back and say, "You folks really don't understand us at all, do you?"

George said...

Geeze ... I know life can be tough and all that. But ... can these Na'vi types feed and clothe themselves? Should these wannabees be allowed out of the house on their own?

Life in the Monkey House is right, Tam.


Bram said...

They do have a lot in common.

They have no ability to farm or use any type of technology to make their lives better. They have no formal education, government, or institutions. Only a hokey religion and superstitions holds them together.

JD said...

LOL, look at the third picture, I can just imagine what was going on in their heads, specifically the guy left of center.

Dude! You got one of the blue ones! 50 points! This is waayyyy better than HALO.

Matt G said...

I believe CNN is missing a bet, not making available for download the video of the "Na'vi" Palestinian protestor getting hit by a gas grenade. I'd seriously pay a little money to see that.

monkeyfan said...

USB plugs!!!

Jahanam No!

Everyone knows that no self-immolating Pa'li would be caught dead without Firewire plugs.

sofa said...

The bright blue coloring makes the target stand out more clearly.