Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thankfully, this is not a need-based economy.

What’s “need” got to do, got to do with it?
What’s “need” but a fig leaf for desire?


Weer'd Beard said...

Much like the famous sign that reads "Free Beer Tomorrow", my sign always reads that I'll only need 3 more.


Baddog said...

My needs are always based on how much room I have left.

Aaron said...

Plenty + More equals Enough, until something else comes out.

Such as a American-legal Tavor. For which any hope of immediate release is now dashed. Sigh.

wv: aperil, no the Tavor is not coming out in aperil this year, damnit.

Boat Guy said...

It's kinda like the two conditions of "ammo status";
1. Not enough
2. Almost enough

Tam said...

If some is good, then more is better, and too much is just enough.

Jay G said...

How many handguns do I need?

Uh... All of them?

Anonymous said...

you can never have too many!!!


Stuart the Viking said...

I don't NEED any handguns really. Lucky for me, NEED isnt the standard for what is and isn't a right. Does anyone really NEED free speech? People live, grow old, and die just fine in places where free speech, firearm owndership, and many of the other rights we hold dear don't exist.

WANT! That is what makes America. How many handguns do I want? I don't know, gimme an infinite amount of money and I'll keep buying them till I don't want any more. Then we'll both know.


Zdogk9 said...

One more

Geodkyt said...

"Too much ammo is self correcting."

Old infantry saying.

Anonymous said...

Stuart - Such places places might be a little sketchy on the "grow old" part, though.


TheOtherLarry said...

You can NEVER have enough ammo!!!


Anonymous said...

Someone actually put together a 'minimum' list about eight or ten years ago called 'Nine Guns', from which the minimum number of handguns an individual needs can be derived. I present here for your amusement, the original text of 'Nine Guns':

Nine Guns

This treatise on the number of guns an individual should own has been adapted from a message posted on the E-Mail network of a Northwest employer during a discussion of gun ownership.

One of the questions I run into frequently when I mention my collection of firearms is, How many guns do you need?" I'm sure y'all've heard questions like this as well, so I thought I'd share the answer I've developed over the years:

Everybody needs nine guns. The response to this is inevitably "Are you nuts? What do you need nine guns for?" I will admit that nine sounds, to the uninitiated, like an inordinately large number, so I provide a list of the nine guns:
Everybody needs;
1) a plinking* handgun,
2) a plinking rifle,
3) a carry handgun,
4) a backup carry handgun (for when your primary carry is in the shop),
5) a carry backup handgun (for when you empty your primary carry at the bad guys and they still keep coming),
6) a hunting handgun,
7) a hunting rifle,
8) a high-capacity semi-automatic rifle (for episodes of civil disobedience where there are lots of bad guys like in the L.A. riots, and cause they're FUN, darn it), and,
9) a shotgun.

And, I add, when you've obtained all the guns you need, then you can start on the guns you want!

Feel free to share this with your friends and convince them that you're a nutcase. :)

(employee's name responsible for this essay deleted to protect the guilty)

Sooo . . . the minimum number of handguns you need would appear to be at least five. And this is just the need list :-)


Unknown said...

I'm thorry, mithtrethth, what ith thith "need" of which you thpeak?

(I'm getting to the point where the "break the piggybank to buy it if it's for sale" list is getting rather short. But then, I own almost ten times the number of guns on the above list...)