Sunday, February 21, 2010


I have a blister on my thumb from loading Ruger mags yesterday. It had been way too long since I'd last been to the range.

EDIT: Incidentally, we went shooting yesterday at the new Applied Ballistics indoor range in Lafayette. I was very, very impressed with the facility, which was well-lit, well-ventilated, clean and had a friendly and helpful staff. If you're in the Lafayette area, check them out.


Joat said...

When I get my self a ruger 22 I'm going to order one for my self the same day. You can load faster than you can empty.

(FTC disclaimer, I have received nothing from this company)

chiefjaybob said...

That clip[ loader is the bomb. The only problem is you can shoot so much .22 using it that it not longer becomes cheaper to shoot .22!!!

Why'd they have to call it the "CLIPloader?"

Anonymous said...

God I need to get to the range. I hate the indoor range though and it's been raining bloody murder since January.

I need a cordite air freshener to hang form my rearview mirror.

Anonymous said...

Just an observation. One is unlikely to get attacked, robbed, raped or murdered in a place that is well-lit, well-ventilated, clean and ... friendly. Unless your in prison or at the IRS.

Anonymous said...

A blister on your thumb? Do you have one on your little finger to match?


Tam said...


Nope, just the thumb one from depressing the little button for the follower.

Noah D said...

An indoor range in Boone Co.? Hallelujah! That allows centerfire rifles?! (cautious) Hallelujah!

jetfxr69 said...


Reflectoscope was doing a Dire Straits reference....


Anonymous said...


Check this out. Cheap, easy, no more Ruger thumb.


Frank W. James said...

Isn't that the former 'Flat Creek Indoor Shooting Range'?

Obviously there's been a change in ownership and once again I'm always the last to the party.

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Anonymous said...

Tam - I was in part thinking of the original, and in part of this.


Tam said...


"Isn't that the former 'Flat Creek Indoor Shooting Range'?"

Ayup. Although except for it being physically in the same place, it's hard to believe they're the same facility.

jetfxr, Jim,

D'oh! :o

Noah D said...

Okay, maybe not Boone County - I was excited, and it's close enough!

Will said...

The tool I've got for my .22 mag is probably 20 years old. No name on it. Can't remember who made it. Molded black plastic frame with thumb tab as part of one side, and a key chain on the opposite side.