Sunday, February 21, 2010

Now let us praise Lethargia, the goddess of slack.

The snow is melting, I have a tummy full of sushi, and it very much feels like the tag end of a Sunday, where it just doesn't seem worth it to spin up any fresh projects before calling it a night.

As annoying as the snow was, I feel sad watching it melt. This is probably the residue of childhood, where the sight of the melting snow meant it was back to school in the morning.

The Blogmeet was fun, and we even had a surprise attendee in the person of PA State Cop, talented raconteur and easy winner of this month's Cup of Turonistan.


Joanna said...

And let us also thank her for her gracious doling out of vacation days. Lethargia be with you.

/and also with you

Anonymous said...

slackergoddess; great blog name if you know someone worthy...;)

Nothing wrong with bowing to her at the end of another productive and pleasant if wasted and woeful week.

Enjoy the downtime, but be ready with some scintilating snarkisms in the a.m. Gotta have my morning T.

Al Terego

Anonymous said...

or scintillating...