Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dodging the herd.

On the way downtown to have breakfast with Shootin' Buddy, my cellie rang.


"Hi! Where are you?"

"Just crossing... Just crossing 10th Street."

If I sounded frazzled, it was because I was hurtling through the predawn pogonip down Meridian, cheek-by-jowl in a herd of the fifth most dangerous species of driver: the Precaffeinated Yuppie Commuter. (One lane to a customer, pal! Hey, it's the long skinny one on the right! We only get the one shade of green! You can't take your half out of the middle!)

Fortunately, I made it to Le Peep without experiencing any idiot-induced drama of the type Breda did on her recent commute.

Interestingly, two tables away at the restaurant was Former Democrat Mayor Bart Peterson. I'm not sure if my subsequent "Wah-wah-wah-waaahhh" was audible or not. (Of course, his GOP successor is doing his best to join him in ignominy by hanging out with the yellow lines and dead 'possums. Remember: "Bipartisan" is Latin for "Disliked by Everybody.")


Jared Gollnitz said...

Tam, just be glad BP isn't the new head the division where you work, like me.

Anonymous said...

*snicker* You have to work for Bart?

You poor man.

Mmmm, the Californian omelet was deeeelish and heart healthy.

Bonus, no one went to jail while I was down in Indy! (Sometimes I amaze myself).

Shootin' Buddy