Monday, December 06, 2010

Cut us off, please!

So a bunch of newspapers just decided to add themselves to the "We Don't Want Any Web Traffic" list. Scrooem.

The buggy whip manufacturers seem determined to not go down without a fight!


Rev. Paul said...

The Anchorage Daily News is a McClatchy rag; so far, they've only made most of the pictures into Flash images, rather than .jpg ... more concerned about image than substance?

Skip said...

Whatsa newspaper?
Issat like tinder for the fireplace?
I use cloth rags at the loading bench myselfe.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

What a shock. Not.

I was just in York, PA, visiting the in-laws for Thanksgiving, and they said lots of folks there are upset about what MediaNews Group has done to their two newspapers.

Not much of a leap from screwing up the local paper to becoming yet another Righthaven client, I suppose.

Ted said...

I see the need for, expense of, and positive good of maintaining a reporting staff, but the web is here. This simply means that they need to modify their revenue model.

I'd pay a nominal fee for web access to a decent local paper, but since I live in Indy, there hasn't been such an animal for a while.

My dad is rather fond of joking about canceling the subscription to the paper because "We never read it anyway, and the bird died, so we no longer have any need for your newspaper."

Chris M said...

My subscription to my local paper expired last October. While I was pondering whether or not to spend the money to renew, the editor ran a column mocking those who dare to question the current resident of the White House's credentials. That along with the fact that the only other editorials in that paper are products of the Huffington Post finally convinced me to stop wasting money supporting such dreck. When the print media stops being a dead paper version of MSNBC maybe they'll start regaining readership.

Kristophr said...

Papers don't become "clients" of Righthaven.

Righthaven buys up use rights outside of the paper's own website. Then they go websurfing for victims.

Print media is getting desperate for money, so they accept pennies from these Righthaven assclowns, and could care less who they victimize.

They don't understand how the internet works, and are having difficulty grasping how Righthaven kills their web-traffic.