Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's already the 6th snowiest December in Indy ever...

...and we're only two-thirds of the way through it.

The average Indianapolis December sees six inches of white, fluffy precipitation. This year we've had almost fifteen so far, with more on the way.

We're also experiencing the coldest December in a decade.

Last winter will be a tough act to follow, but it didn't really get cranked up until after the first of the year. This time 'round, it looks like winter is getting a good running start.


Stuart the Viking said...


hehehe, it really torks my progressive friends when I say that. They usually come back with some lame remark about "Global Climate Change". Thats good, they'll just keep changing the terminology until they get it right, dumbasses.


Anonymous said...

In the year 1000 AD there was no snow anywhere in the lower 48. Vikings made the mistake of colonizing Iceland and Greenland only to be driven away generations later by global cooling.

The pendulum swings. BFD.

Unknown said...

Ehhh, mornings are chilly, but mid-day is nice. Been getting a lot of yardwork caught up. Getting rid of dead trees, cutting the azaleas back, raking pine needles and pulling moss.

Rather pleasant, really.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

If Al Gore stops by here, I intend to slug him. And then push his face into the snowpile next to my garage, which is getting as large as the one I remember from about, oh, 1968.

Clearly he was not bullied enough as a child.

Anonymous said...

You folks haven't kept up. It isn't global warming anymore; it's climate change. And, it explains everything from hot, dry summers to the coming ice age. The only way to slow it down is to give all power and allegiance to Algore.

Joanna said...

The pendulum swings. BFD.

Nailed it.

Anonymous said...

Anon it's:
Man infuenced climate change.

There have never beed any climate change before the industrial development of the West.




Don M said...

Here in sunny California, we have had a horrid outbreak of rain. The wind (Pineapple Express) blows from Hawaii, bringing wet weather. A lot of the traffic lights don't work, but we don't have to do any shoveling unless in hilly areas it turns into a mudslide.

Just thought you might like to know how the other half lives.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Snow in December near the Great Lakes? Inconceivable!

Stuart the Viking said...

Man, I WANT to accept the whole Global Climate Change thing, except all those studys done by so-called scientists in the last 20 years prove, absolutely, that the entire earth was warming, and anyone disagreeing was a stupid stinky pants uneducated brute repugnant. Now, those same people STILL want to call names and act like they are better, all while saying that those study's have a differant interpretation (which is what we said that got us called stinky pants). Except they say the studys are (irrefutable) evidence of a new improved unproven pet global disaster theory that they need trillions more dollars to study and push the same ol' solutions that won't fix this new thing any more that it would have fixed the old thing, but does end up having a damaging effect on the economy and job creation. All of which gives them the perfect excuse to expand government, you know, to help the poor children.

It will never end.


Anonymous said...

I guess Al Gore has a cottage near you now?

Anonymous said...

"Al Gore has a cottage near you"

Anony 12:52, have you ever heard the phrase "stick your dick in a meat grinder and dare me to crank on the handle"?

Algore will never mix with the masses.