Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It reads like the punchline to that old joke.

Cat survives gunshot wound and getting hit by a car, is FIV positive and missing his tail and a leg, and yet is oddly named "Big Bob" and not "Lucky".

In other feline-related news, Huck is recovering well from his little visit to the vet.


Anonymous said...

"I'm mildly cat-magnetic..."

Know what you mean, RX...wife and kids have probably had a couple dozen "lions" over the years.

While I tolerated them for the family's sake (with one exception, a giant intelligent persian mix that I truly loved and was loved by in return), they have invariably treated me like their personal pillow and rubbing post.

Apparently some sort of mixup upstairs over my request to be irresistible to pussy.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, that should be p---y...

Mixed company and all.


BobG said...

Huck is going to be very surprised next time he tries to clean his jewels...

Ancient Woodsman said...

Nice to hear Huck is doing well. He sounds like a bag full of wound clocksprings with a high IQ, or as my grandma would have said, "full of beans!"

Good cat to have. Then again, they all are.