Saturday, December 04, 2010

QotD: Guns and Money Edition

Jim at The Travis McGee Reader is discussing going to a gun show loophole this weekend and closes with this piece of condensed awesome:
When the world was a better place, I'd always toss in a few pieces I was tired of for trading stock. No more. I and most of my comrades have adopted the never-sell-a-gun philosophy. We keep them all on grounds that the Messers Bernanke and Geithner can't press a computer key and create 60 billion Colts and Winchesters out of thin air.


Anonymous said...

Funny in a depressing kind of way...but flawed "philosophy" nonetheless.

Those trades at the funshows don't disappear because you don't have them anymore; they go to someone else who will keep them forever or trade them again. And besides, you're replacing them with other guns that you actually want.

Now the old stuff tends to be way more attractive to me these days than the latest and "greatest", but if you really want to reinforce Jim's analogy, try to buy a brand-new gun at least once a year...even if you end up trading it off too.

'Cause while fedgov can't stamp out shooty stuff like it can greenbacks, Colt, Winchester, and the others sure can, and they're glad to swap them for enough of that worthless scrip.

Buy a new gun now and then; have some fun, try something new, and in the bargain increase the domestic "inventory" as it were and support the continued existence of one of the last - and arguably the most important - iconic American manufacturing industries we have left, not to mention the retailers at the shops and shows.


Bubblehead Les. said...

I like the idea. If the Anti-Gun Wannabe Dictators want to confiscate firearms, what would be the first place to start: Gun Stores and Gun Shows or a house-to-house search for Grandpa's P-38 WW2 war trophy? Okay, maybe the distributors warehouses first, but that doesn't look as good on the Nightly Propaganda Report from the Lame Stream Media. After all, a video of a bunch of BATFE Federales in Tacticool Black Ninja Wear with a cut to Comrade Schumer babbling about how they finally closed the dangerous Gun Show Loophole and eliminated Straw Buying is part of their Socialist Utopian Wet Dream.

Anonymous said...

Gun shows are needed just to keep them in the limelight of all Americans. The next county over has them once a year & I go, but I'm holding on to my guns.

Need to read a new book out that's a must read about Americans (yes, who are gun owners) that take a stand against federal tyranny. It's a great read & I'll be giving it out this seaon.

Bermanke/Geithner will always be replaced with more that think like them. Their recent tactic was not outlaw guns but raise the taxes on ammo. They are devious aren't they? Good article?

Ed Foster said...

BUY GUNS! I need the income! What AT said.

And, less mercenary for a moment, my first gun was a 5 dollar Hopkins and Allen double barrelled 12 gauge. It got me hooked, and how many hundreds of guns have I bought and sold over the years?

Reduce any part of the business and you hurt it all. That used Remington 513 looks like a Purdey to a big-eyed 12 year old. You're cutting off the supply of entry level guns, and reducing the size of the next generation of gun buffs.

Larry said...

"what would be the first place to start: Gun Stores and Gun Shows or a house-to-house search for Grandpa's P-38 WW2 war trophy?"
That would be a hell of a war trophy. A P-38 was a twin engined Lockheed aircraft flown by the Army Air Corps (or a small collapsible can opener). Perhaps you meant T(ype) 38, which was a Japanese 6.5mm rifle?

Anonymous said...

More likely he meant a Walther P38, the Gerry sidearm produced during WWII to replace the Luger, and one of the most prized souveniers of the era.

Always best to know your stuff before attempting condescension and snark, there, Larry.

BTW, Les, if it - God forbid - comes to (attempted) confiscation, it won't matter where it starts, it'll be all-out uncivil war, and those shops and shows will be the arsenal for "our" side.


John B said...

you might be advised to visit wikipedia and check out a thingy called a disambiguation page. I still bitterly regret selling my 2 P-38 Mausers.
I really want one of those commemorative Lugers in .45ACP