Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hoosier jihadi?

So they were interviewing one Kathie Smith on local TeeWee this morning. At least I assumed it was her. They said it was, but your average bank robber is more identifiable than someone wearing a burkha.

Anyhow, apparently a video of her had gone viral on the net. Said video has her posing with her husband, Salahudin Ibn Something-or-other, while they wave rifles and yammer on with the usual "Allah this" and "Jihad that" and "Yay, Osama" and praise the freedom fighters for killing the evil American soldiers, and now she's upset because... get this... she's getting death threats on the internets. Imagine.

I'm sure that when she and her snookums were yelling "Jihad" in the video, they meant "Internal spiritual struggle. With AK-47s." She's obviously being persecuted for her Muslim faith; I bet this never happens to Reverend Phelps.


Jeffrey Quick said...

I thought whine was forbidden to Muslims.

Tam said...


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Why any woman, with 2 brain cells to rub together, would WILLINGLY convert to Islam after reading whichever translation of the Koran she could get her hands on is beyond me.

Joanna said...

The whaaaaaaaambulance -- let me calls you it.

One of the more insidious symptoms of Precious Snowflake Syndrome is the tendency of sufferers to say or do something controversial, then get all butthurt when they get negative reactions. PSS tells us that controversy is admirable and praiseworthy, so we should all be impressed and proud of them, not angry and upset! They should be rewarded for taking a stand! It's not fair! (Rinse, repeat, etc.)

Matt G said...

Hopefully, the FBI folks said to her, "Ms. Smith, we're unhappy with the video. Notice at 1:27, that you have your finger on the trigger. Not good! That's all."

Keads said...

Great! Illinois Nazis and now this, thanks Tam!

Rabbit said...

We have our own homegrown Jihadette, Kimberly al-Homsi. She was watching and photographing planes at the airport, then flashed a gun and a grenade at a driver on the highway, and most recently, she built some "IEDs" and got caught acting the fool with them and an 18 year old unrelated male in her vehicle.

Last I heard, she was set to do a little Federal time so she'll be out of our hair for awhile. Pun intended, especially at the link.

Cond0011 said...

"Why any woman... would WILLINGLY convert to Islam after reading... the Koran ..."

@Jovian Thunderbolt:

Yea... and also listening to a few sermons from the Men-Only-Club Mullahs:

majasty said...

islam is the better religion than anything. allohuakbar.

TimP said...

@majasty: Wait, really? Why did no one tell me this? I'm totally going to change my earnestly held beliefs because some random on the Internet told me to without providing any sort of supporting evidence or examples.

Look, I can understand the desire to defend your religion, but if you're going to do so, do it right, give example of your religion actually accomplishing some good (it shouldn't be difficult, I'm pretty confident that there are plenty of "good" Muslims who've done good things; say some of the first-responders to the Bali bombings for example)

PS: I'd give you a pass for your poor grammar since English isn't your first language, but Indonesian has capitals too, and it's a pretty sad sign when a [I assume pre-med?] university student doesn't know how to use them.

@Jovian Thunderbolt & Cond0010: I always find it strange that so many people assume that everyone else chooses their religion based on what they think of it's precepts rather than whether they think it's true or not. I'm sure some people do, but is that really the only basis you can imagine deciding your religion on?

Tam said...


"I always find it strange that so many people assume that everyone else chooses their religion based on what they think of it's precepts rather than whether they think it's true or not."

Most religious people do not choose their religion; it is chosen for them by their parents and they rarely question it seriously over the course of their lives.

Trust me, admitting to myself that there was no god in the sky was a lot harder than walking down the aisle to the strains of "Just As I AM" ever was.