Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Spineless weasels.

So Frank Straub still has a job because the Indy city council is full of invertebrates.
Democrat Vernon Brown said the vote didn't matter. He says the mayor could have kept reappointing Straub, whether the council liked it or not, so he voted for Straub.

"If the whole council votes no, he'll still have a job tomorrow, right? We don't have the authority to get rid of him, it's unfortunate," said Brown, a Democrat.
I haven't heard a more mealy-mouthed, pusillanimous excuse from a politician since George W. Bush signed off on McCain-Feingold.

It's been a long time since I've seen an elected official worth the match it would take to set them on fire.


Carteach said...

Do you know anyone who went to the meeting and spoke up?

d said...

"It's been a long time since I've seen an elected official worth the match it would take to set them on fire."

Well if you use a match you're out a match.
_Rope_, however, can be re-used countless times.

Tam said...

Personally? No. I was unable to go myself due to weather. From the footage I've seen, there were a small number of the hardcore anti-Straub types there. He's very unpopular in the city's black community for his inept handling of some late hits on the part of the IMPD. (He's unpopular with motorcyclists for the Officer Bisard incident, with cops who see him as a politico too willing to throw them under the bus, and with gun owners for being a GFW from NYC. I don't think anybody but the mayor actually likes the guy...)

David said...

Match? Just hang out close to one with a magnifying glass on a sunny day...you can be green when you wish to torment a politician with fire, and it's just as much fun.

Anonymous said...

As a previous commenter said Rope can be re used Many times over!

Wolfwood said...

You don't think that Chris Christie, Bob McDonnell, and Bobby Jindal are at least worth a match? Maybe Jim DeMint?

I'm pretty sure that you didn't mean it the other way, as I can think of countless politicians I'd trade entire Zippo lighters for the chance to set on fire.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

If Vernon Brown really had that attitude about the worth of the vote, he should have had the testicular fortitude to abstain.

wv: apitacti. I don't know what it means, but it sure sounds tactical.

Geodkyt said...

You don't want to reuse the rope -- eventually it breaks, which harshes the mellow and forces you to wearily get the last contestant back up so you can replace the rope with a fresh one.

AXES, on the other hand, will last for deacdes of heavy use. Just ask the Tudors.

John Stephens said...

The problem with rope is that the slimy invertebrates just ooze right out of the noose. Or worse, break in half and then you've got two of them.

Discobobby said...

Wow, that's a bit too close to the weasel excuses we hear from the Chicago "City Council" for comfort. Does the mayor really own the Indy council, or are they just worthless and week sheep?

I pray your mayor doesn't have a hope in hell of being re-elected.

Tam said...


"I pray your mayor doesn't have a hope in hell of being re-elected."

Not if I have anything to say on the matter.

Ballard can go piss in an electrical outlet for all I care. (Which is sad, because I used to be a huge fan, but he's completely lost my support over the Straub issue.)

Will said...

Don't forget the spritz of accelerant prior to the application of your match.
A politicians slime may be sufficient to keep a candle wick alight, but the time frame for total combustion rules out relying on it alone.