Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It appears to be spreading.

Apparently whatever it is that makes our local police get liquored up and drive around in their squad cars is spreading from the city into the 'burbs.

Yesterday, in suburban Hancock County, a sheriff's deputy crashed his squad car on duty and subsequently blew a .16 on the ol' breathalyzer. As an added bonus, he'd been on duty for almost four hours before the test, so either he came to work really sloshed, or he'd been tipping back a few wet ones on the job. I suppose he can take solace in the fact that if HCSD gives him the axe, he's got just the resume for the IMPD.

(As an added bonus, the linked article actually has someone in the comments calling for alcohol prohibition. 'Cause it's all demon rum's fault, see?)


staghounds said...

If Straub had any sense at all, he'd get show up with a breathalyzer in a video room in the station some night about half way through the shift and start calling every single officer in to blow, one after the other.

Invite the media.

Do it several times. On different shifts.

If he had any sense AND wanted to get rid of the drinkers AND wanted the public to have confidence in his officers that is.

milton f said...

Yeah. What Staghounds said. But in addition, all the drunks get tasered (ala the scene in "Hangover") before they are fired.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Alcohol Prohibition? Silly. What this calls for is Cop Prohibition.

I'd like to see mobsters smuggling in police officers from over the border, making sheriffs in a bathtub in the basement.... Secret neighborhoods where you have to know the password to get in (SWORDFISH!) and the 'garbage man' there is really a Bobby on foot patrol telling us to "break this up" and "move along now, nothing to see."

Stranger said...

Straub is a gun control nut. I have yet to find one with the sense to pour "it" out of a boot without fully illustrated directions on the heel.


SpeakerTweaker said...

I wonder if "proper procedures" were followed in the collection of his breath analysis.


Sarah said...

Well, you know, Prohibition worked *really* well the last time we tried it. Too bad about unintended, long-term consequences like the Kennedy family, though.

Robert Langham said...

Hey, they are HEROES!