Sunday, December 19, 2010


"You know what I love? Spring in Minnesota! When the snow melts and there's money and gold on the ground, or maybe grandma from where she ran away at Christmastime..." -Craig Anton
My experience with Indianapolis winters is limited to the last few, but up 'til this year snow has been the same kind of phenomenon it was back down at home, only deeper: Something that falls, sticks, and then melts. With an average daily high in December in the low 40s, there has usually been some degree of thawing between snowfalls, so that by the time the next one arrived, the previous one had been reduced to a few ragged patches in the deep shadows.

Not this year. We haven't broken out of the 20s but a couple days so far this month. The four inches that fell last weekend have been joined by another few late in the week and it looks like tomorrow's bringing more... and hasn't any of it melted.

This is weird to me.


Buffboy said...

Welcome to the Dakotas East.

WV andized, Griffen, you party hack.

John Peddie (Toronto) said...

I spent many years in a small town in northern Ontario, about MN's latitudes.

Had recurring dreams of being in front of the local supermarket on the day the snow finally melted in March, and finding four months of loose change dropped by careless shoppers.

I was rich!

Reality was somewhat different. With a fresh dusting of lasting snow almost daily, people were careless with garbage, not money. When the snow left, you saw a winter's accumulated junk on the roadsides.

It disappears in 24 hours under new snow every day for months, so nobody can see it, so it's not really littering.


Til spring.

Roberta X said...

Great, another of my illusiuons about Canadians shatter. You folks...litter? !!!


Stranger said...

Sounds like the northern Indiana winters I "enjoyed" during my misspent youth.

If the real scientists and I have it right, take a look at the weather records for the early 1800's, because that's what is coming around again.

Weather that was common back when most houses had a front door on the second floor, so people could get out in the winter, and house doors always opened in and had a shovel hanging conveniently near for drinking water and other emergencies.


Chad said...

All my folks back east have been suffering from the extreme cold for what, 2 months solid now? And here in Colorado Springs, it's been in the 50s and 60s. We're thinking about cooking out for Christmas dinner. We've gotten 2 minor snow falls so far. It's 10am, and it's already 50 out. This is insane, I want to use my snow blower damnit!

Joanna said...

I've lived here my whole life and I'm getting weirded right out. This ain't natural, no 't ain't.

Buzz said...

Weird for you.
Awesome for me.
More awesome as more snow falls and stays around.

Fiftycal said...

Yah. It's been pretty cold here in Texas. Last night it got to 36 and it was THIRTY TWO the night before. And today it will only get to the low 70's. gotta go, the A/C in my car needs a re-charge.

Blackwing1 said...

I lost most of a trashed-out motorcycle once in pile of snow. I had pulled the engine only to find it was blown, stuck it back in the frame, pulled the license and VIN plates, and stashed it for the winter on the motorcycle pad at the far corner of the apartment parking lot. The plows piled snow up on top of it all winter, and then one day when I was at work a front-end loader came into the lot and scooped up the whole mess and loaded it into a dump truck.

I keep wondering where they dumped that load, and who found the bike emerging from it that spring.

Stephen said...

My mom is from Indiana. You should be too.

The Freeholder said...

Hey, at least you get a white Christmas!

Just tryin' to look on the bright side.