Friday, December 10, 2010

Overheard in the Kitchen:

RX: "The new cat is a bacon hound. He just had to sit around in the kitchen when the bacon came out, staring and sniffing."

Me: "That's because it came into the house with the shrimp yesterday. It was just a bag of wondrous smells, and he sat there sniffing and sniffing."

RX: "'Bag of Wondrous Smells', coincidentally, was Joe Biden's college nickname."

Me: "It'd make a great album title, wouldn't it? 'Jumbo Lunchbox and their debut album, Bag of Wondrous Smells!'"


Noah D said...

"You find a +1 mace and a Bag of Wondrous Smells..."

og said...

Well, I'm pretty sure Joe Biden's college nickname included the word "bag" anyway.

Joseph said...

I am really glad I wasn't drinking my morning coffee when I read this. Blowing hot java out of my nose is not my idea of a morning wake up!!

jetfxr69 said...

I understand that you should use a fairly heavy bullet to deal with Bacon that is still staring and sniffing. And I submit that if there's bacon on the hoof in Roseholme, then Huck's probably going to try to evade... ;-)

perlhaqr said...

"'Bag of Wondrous Smells', coincidentally, was Joe Biden's college nickname."

Aaaaaand Bobbi proves that it's never too early for Everclear. BRAIN BLEACH AHOY!

Mike S said...

I'm just plain amazed that two women have such entertaining conversations.

All my wife does is yell and argue about whatever topic's at hand; no imagination allowed.

Will said...

Might I suggest you start recording your conversations? You could do something along the lines of what this woman does:

Think of the t-shirt revenue alone!
I'm serious, woman!

BTW, why no background on the new kitty? Too early in the probationary period?

wv: ulictor. New kitty's name?

mc said...

A big old grin on reading this one:)