Friday, January 21, 2011

...and more SHOT videos!

Black Hills Ammunition discusses their two newest 5.56 loads: A 77gr Mk.262 clone and a 50gr Barnes Triple-Shock X.

Travis Haley talks to Rob Pincus about his newest venture, Haley Strategic.

Spyderco's Fred Perrin PPT folder.


2yellowdogs said...

MUCH better audio. Thanks.

Henry Blowfly said...

Spydie. Want.

Ed Foster said...

23 grains of H-4895 and a 77 grain Sierra Matchking equals Mk262, with brass life of a comfortable ten shots per case and easy extraction.

If there's room in the case, run stick powder. Your pressures and throat erosion will usually be a skinch lower, and the greater surface area exposed will get things going a bit easier in very low temperatures.

I do like the 77 gr. Sierra and the 75 gr. Hornady bullets, but you need the 1 in 8 twist to hit with them at 600 yards. Nobody needs a 1 in 7 twist unless they're firing tracers, evil rifling eating things that will never insult my bore.

For the compromise 1 in 9 bore so many folks run, I favor the 69 grain boattails over 25 grains of 4895. At 300 yards or less it will usually edge out the 77 grainer in accuracy, with no more windage correction.

I've used ball powders in the 5.56and they work fine, plus they are absolutely necessary in the 6.8SPC, but for an across the course load, if I had to chose just one powder, I'd go with the 4895 every time.

Tam said...


For the purposes we're discussing, I'm more worried about how it performs at <25 yards. I'd imagine that even a 1/9" twist is fine for that use. ;)

Ed Foster said...

At 25 yards, I'd go with anything reasonably fragile, and, quote me on this, the 1/9 is the best all around twist, from 50 to 69 grains, for anybody not engaging snipers beyond a quarter mile.

Which is most of us, most of the time, so I guess we're in agreement again :0

So tell me more about this e-mail glitch. We can't be letting Sean Sullivan do all the testing now, can we? I thought you had hired someone to run the snark for you and had skipped out on us.

And Damn, Ma'am, I have a crate of rail covers. I lost Roseholme Cottages mailing address in the great computer crash, so e-mail me if you can and I'll get stuff out.

Les Jones said...

I like the "jigging" on those G10 scales. Jigged handles came about for a reason - bone could be slippery. There are lots of slippery synthetic handles out there that could benefit from texturing.

Discobobby said...

Honest to God, Ed Foster, I learn more in throwaway comments from you than I do in actual research. I need to buy you a beer someday.

wv: ouseur - a poseur who also thinks they know French.