Sunday, January 16, 2011

Train schedule...

Todd Green at has posted his traveling schedule for 2011. Combine this with his home base activities in Virginia, and odds are good that he'll be somewhere within a day's drive of you sometime this year.

I can't recommend him highly enough; it's all well and good for an instructor to have a wall full of trophies or a resume including twenty years of jumping out of helicopters with a knife in his teeth, but if he can't teach you how to shoot better, all that means nothing. Ninja-fu doesn't transfer by osmosis and just shooting on the same range as a IDPSCSA Super Master won't make you shoot like one, too, else every match would be a 100-way tie for first place. A good trainer can't just do, they need to be able to teach. And Todd is an excellent teacher.


Anonymous said...

Hope there's a stop to come closer to the Twin Cities for Aim Fast Than Ohio...that's a haul.

I would think there's enough people to fill a class who would like to take training here in flyover land, and I don't even have it as bad as someone driving from the Dakotas or Montana.

St Paul

Jim said...

Tam, I just left Todd a comment/request on his site, regarding further training for my step-neice.

I'll ask the same of you; if you don't mind dropping me a line, I'd like to get your thoughts on who/what might be the best "next step" training options for the lady to attend while on vacation here to the States this year?

I'll send my contact info to your address as given here on the sidebar.


Sunk New Dawn
Galveston, TX

perlhaqr said...

Was "Aim Fast, Hit Fast" the class you took?

It's the one he's teaching here in Albuquerque, which gives me basically no excuse to not go to it. :)

Steve Skubinna said...

just shooting on the same range as a IDPSCSA Super Master won't make you shoot like one, too

Of course not. For that you need cool tactical accessories and gear.

Anonymous said...

Steve, don't forget the sunglasses too.

Anonymous said...

Might I just say that this guy has one awesome gig, with a coolness magnitude on the order of Mr. Zumbo's until he - what did you say at the time? - "...put his keyboard in his mouth and pulled the trigger."

Ed Foster and Matt G both mentioned your recommendation in comments at Todd's site, saying that they respect your opinion.

And it looks like Mr. Green respects your opinion pretty well himself, as you are linked with some rare company in his sidebar.

But I wonder if he knows that he's linked to someone capable of writing like that. Regardless, his respect is well-placed, imo.


P.S. If Todd should read this, dude the closest you can get to FLA is frickin' Ohio? If you're worried about all those stories of Yankees disappearing into the Everglades, that's just exaggeration, mostly. Come on down!


Concerned American said...

Thanks Tam.

Will do.

Steve Skubinna said...

Hell, anon, even my shades have Picatinny rails on them!

Tam said...

Steve Skubinna,

"Of course not. For that you need cool tactical accessories and gear."

A tacticool individual looking to increase their ninja-fu would never shoot on the same range as an IDPSCSA Super Master lest they get gamerfag all over them and it messes up their ninja-fu.

NotClauswitz said...

Sacramento is Shooting On the Move - hell I can't even shoot standing still. I need a bunch of proficiency classes first.