Thursday, January 06, 2011

Well, duh, Quincy.

Ring knocker, Vietnam vet, former DoD guy gets found in a landfill. CNN reports:
The Delaware medical examiner's office has ruled the death of 66-year-old John P. Wheeler a homicide.
I realize that he was probably a real go-getter type of guy, but unless you get a lot of suicides tidily carting themselves off to the dump in your neck of the woods, I'd say that's pretty much a no-brainer there, doc.


Anonymous said...

He was one of the lead characters in Rick Atkinson's book 'The Long Gray Line' a few years ago. If I recall, he came from a military family, had some trouble at the Point, and served a year around Long Binh before resigning to pursue business opportunities.

He was also involved with the design and building of the Memorial, as mentioned, but I don't remember if he championed the design that won, which some called a 'black gash of shame', If I recall, the second place design was also used eventually, the more traditional memorial of the three grunts that stands at one end of the Wall.

If he hadn't been involved in the memorial, I wonder if anyone outside of Delaware would have read about this?

St Paul

Anonymous said...

Yes, I realize I sad 'if i recall' twice and thus look like a moron. oh well, nothing new.

St Paul

Chad said...

Interesting viewpoint from the brits:

"The body of a decorated US Army officer was found dumped in a Delaware landfill on New Years Eve day, a few days after he expressed concern that the nation wasn't adequately prepared for cyber warfare, according to news reports following the bizarre whodunit."

So it looks like they'd better be looking at Steve Jobs and Bill Gates as suspects in this one.

staghounds said...

But if one DID want to check out and fake it as a homicide, wouldn't it be a good way to do it?

Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder how reliable dumpsters are for hiding bodies. If they had bundled him, would he have gone right by?

perlhaqr said...

I had been wondering where the polite place to off yourself would be. Now I know!

Chuck Pergiel said...

More proof that the asassination business is alive and well. OK, maybe not proof, but close enough for my paranoia.

karrde said...

When I read it, I wondered which murder-mystery author had started writing headline news.

It is pretty scary, and I wonder if it's personal or job-related.

He's the kind of guy who might have developed a few enemies. But I can't see an old military man being an easy target, even if he's past 65.

staghounds said...

Been down to the VFW hall lately?

Anonymous said...

Has any detail about HOW he was killed ever been released? Shot? Stabbed? Strangled? Poisoned? Dropped from a tall building? I've read several stories now, keeping my eyes open for information on this, and have seen nothing. I wonder why?