Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This guy had followers?

For those of you not familiar with the bizarre internet phenomenon known as "Game", it is this complicated system wherein 2nd level Nerds with low STR and DEX attempt to level up their CHA so they can go to popular night clubs and score the 9th level Hotties they are owed by nature using the tactic of "negging" or insulting them. You know, or shooting them in the face. Whichever works.

Granted, the picture of our Pick-Up Artist is a mug shot, but rawwrrr! Amirite, ladies?

Oy, vey! Let me out of the monkey cage now, please. I'm done taking notes in here.


Don M said...

Reminds me of the story of an 85 year old at the doctor.
Patient: "Doc, I have trouble with my sex life."
Doc: "At your age that is normal."
P: But my golf buddy is 95 and has fantastic sex all the time!
D: You can say that too.

Sounds like that particular monkey had a fantasy life.

Wolfwood said...

You know, the "Gunwitch Method" sounds like it edges awfully close to the "Rape Method."

Also, what planet do these people live on? "8-10" should probably be translated as "5-7 on a good day."

Will Brown said...

So, let's see; using his own statements and known history, Mr. PUA has been "successfully" hitting on women for about 15 years or so with an average success rate of 10 to 12 seductions a year.

Anyone else suspect that his recent conquest performance approachs nil and is as likely of resurgence to previous levels as is his hairline to do the same?

Dude's trapped in his own self-assessment fantasy and is trying to shoot his way out, that's all.

Tam said...


"Dude's trapped in his own self-assessment fantasy and is trying to shoot his way out, that's all."

That's a pretty deft turn of phrase right there. Wish I'd written it! :)

Will Brown said...

Blush! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Well, trying to shoot his way ummm, *in* might be more exact.


Don M said...

In jail he will probably learn a new seduction technique...

Anonymous said...


"hitting on women for about 15 years or so with an average success rate of 10 to 12 seductions a year"

I'm not sure, I admit, since it never occured to me. But I'm fairly sure that if you do not appear to be a total loser ( dress nice, shave, speak ok, have a job) and are very aggressive about going to bars 3-4 nights a week in a major urban area and pushing yourself on women (that are within your league), that "scoring" once a month or so is within the realm of possibility.

So are spectacular STDs

Anonymous said...


It's what a college buddy refered to as the "1% rule".

If you ask 100 women if they want to have sex with you, now, one will say yes.

Of course you may also get an inordinate amounts of drinks splashed on you, slaps to the face, and nice talks with large bouncers about never returning to an establishment, ever.

staghounds said...

On behalf of witches, men, users of the internets, and gun owners:

This is why we can't have nice things.

Cond0011 said...

"complicated system wherein 2nd level Nerds with low STR and DEX attempt to level up their CHA "


Well, he better rise up in level quickly for the needed hit points to defend against the goblins and hobgoblins in the next dungeon he will be passing through.

...and I'm afraid his +5 'negging' powers do not work on goblins so he will definately 'need tank badly'.

og said...

Wow, you'd have thought he'd just go get some rohypnol.

WV: ovedight. I was gonna insult her till she blew me, but she had such a bad ovedight I was afraid she'd bite my wang off.

Firehand said...

From what daughter told me about some friends and their experiences in college, nowadays it's closer to 'ask 100 women, you'll find ten- sometimes a few more- who'll say yes'.

And yes, that would also tend to get you exposure to all kinds of microorganisms you might not want the acquaintance of.

NotClauswitz said...

Twilight run amok... This is why I eschewed the throng that gathered to play Vampire around the City Hall back in the mid 90's -- that and they didn't invite me because I was too old and un-cool.

Rabbit said...

The more things change, the more they stay the same.


Stuart the Viking said...

I have known a few people who have used the "ask 100 women" method and yes, it seems to work out for them just fine. The ones it worked best for weren't even all that creapy about it, they just went from woman to woman, paid each one some attention, smiled a lot, and either bam they were in, or they would move on to the next.

I have never been secure enough to take that much rejection without feeling like a looser, so that scheme wouldn't work for me. I also don't value a bunch of meaningless sex enough to put forth the effort. Now if it would find me a once-in-a-lifetime earthshattering romance... maybe that would be worth the effort. Somehow I don't think it works that way.


Kristophr said...

Anonymous: The last time a woman splashed a drink in my face, I splashed mine back in hers.

Anyone can ask anyone for anything. Mere talk is not an excuse for violence.

One thing that the "Game" does get right is that fear of rejection prevents many nerds from playing the field. If you are going to sell yourself as a sex partner, you need to get over that.

The rest of the "Game" is pretty much horsecrap, IMO.

Tam: Like it or not, you are also one of the monkeys.

Tam said...


"Tam: Like it or not, you are also one of the monkeys."

All joking aside, I must have missed the part where I said I wasn't. :)

Kristophr said...

Heh. So did I.

Tam said...

I'm totally comfortable with my killer ape underpinnings. :)

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

"The Librarian's a monkey?"
It took some time for the Bursar to explain matters clearly, and then the
Archchancellor said: 'What yer tellin' me, then, is that this chap got himself turned into a monkey by magic?"
"An accident in the Library, yes. Magical explosion. One minute a human, next minute an orang-utan. And you mustn't call him a monkey, Master. He's an ape."
"Same damn difference, surely?"
"Apparently not. He gets very, er, aggressive if you call him a monkey."
"He doesn't stick his bottom at people, does he?"
The Bursar closed his eyes and shuddered. "No, Master. You're thinking of baboons."

Murphy's Law said...

Dude looks more like a Sandwich (of the baloney variety) than a Gunwitch. I'm looking at that pic and seeing a guy who in real life probably couldn't score in a Bangkok whorehouse with a fist full of US $100 bills in his hand.

Tirno said...

See, folks, this is what happens when you treat WIS as a dump stat.

Joseph said...

I think the best bit of the whole thing is that Tam read Jezebel.

Michael said...

While I won't go into the whole PUA crap, Confidence and charm (CHA)go a lot farther than (STR) and (DEX) or any physical attractiveness.

I say this as a level 4 computer/reading/gun geek who got a lvl 10 gun-hating hottie to agree to marry me.

Mikael said...

Offtopic: I just found out that there was a dungeons and dragons god by name of Tamara... the dragon god of life, light and mercy.

I just had to share that. :p

Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice that a) this POS had a style straight out of "Shallow Hall" b) said bag of squirrel turds looks like a psychotic Jack Black on meth?

Tam said...


Actually, it crossed my radar via Twitter. ;)



TBeck said...

Any word on if he LARPs the module "Pleasure Palace of the Brythuvian Demon Whore"?

Anonymous said...

"Make the ho say no."


And to think that I went about getting a wife the hard way: losing some weight, trying to dress a bit better, flowers, being polite as my Southern mother taught me to do, etc. Who knew that I merely had to make a ho say no?

/ sarc

Ben said...

Oddly, I'm co-writing an autobiography of country music singer Charlie Louvin for Neil Strauss' Igniter Books right now. On the phone he's a very down-to-earth guy, with a deep interest in the history of roots music. I haven't The Game, though. Not exactly my cup of tea.

Nancy R. said...

Oooh, yeah. I want me some of that!


Carrie said...

The thing about PUA that troubles me most is that it really does emphasize dehumanizing women and making them as interchangeable as possible.

That's pretty much exactly what I'd do if I were trying to condition a person into believing it was okay to shoot a woman in the face.

Tam said...


Yup. Women are interchangeable trophies; guys who already have girlfriends are dumb jock asshole "alphas" who are hogging all the bitches. The whole thing is just amazingly dysfunctional...

Anonymous said...

So the basic method is:

1) Approach a woman with a boner.

2) ?????

3) SEX!!!!