Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mmmm... Express sights...

Og has photos of an Arisaka project nearing completion; specifically, photos of the three-leaf express sights on a quarter rib he fabricated himself.

The action had already been re-barreled to .30-'06 when he got it, but those express sights kinda make me wish it was chambered in, say, .35 Whelen or some classic mid-bore metric cartridge like 9.3x62 to go with them.

Safari dreams... The same reason I own a .405 Winchester barrel for my Encore. I may never get to Africa's golden joys, but if a lion gets out of the zoo, I'm ready.


og said...

I have several home gunsmithing projects on the burner, and this is one that I want to get done most.

One of the upcoming ones, though, is a Remington Enfield pattern 17 that I acquired ages ago.

The Enfield 17 receiver is as strong as they come. I have seen these rebarrelled in 458 win mag, in 416 rigby, and in 458 lott.

The 17 has been sporterized by a guy with a chainsaw and a belt sander, so it has zero value as a military rifle.

I am torn between handing this rifle off to someone like Miltech and having them rebarrel and restore it to original condition (since it has no rwal value as is) and rebarrelling it myself in 416 Rigby and using it for game.

My concerns are, the miltech restore is expensive, more so than a good condition surplus rifle (though it would return to me perfect, which is a consideration) and you can buy a brand new CZ Safari magnum in 416 for less than the cost of the project, and the CZ is a damned fine rifle. Additionally, CZ keeps making 'em, and there are a finite number of 17's.

Guess I'll burn that bridge when i come to it.

Anonymous said...

I remember Robert Stack sneaking up and shooting a lion on the very first American Sportsman TV show. I was enthralled with the idea of hunting lions.

Then got a copy of Horn of the Hunter for my 10th birthday. I asked for a 416 Rigby with a ivory bead front sight for my birthday but my parents didn't come through for some reason.

So when I win the lottery and go my 21 day safari you can come along and shot your lion just like Teddy did.


Ancient Woodsman said...

That is neat! Having worked at a fairly large gun store for seven years (many moons ago), I saw a few sporterized Arisakas. Most were of the 'tomato stake' persuasion (before the mnemonic 'WECSOG' existed). However I do remember one remarkable specimen in the mid-80s that was done up quite nicely Griffin & Howe style including G&H scope mount, a Neidner grip cap & buttplate, the whole shebang. Nothing superfluous, everything correct as if it had come from G&H...or H&H, or Rigby or the like. It was that well done.

When a labor of love comes out art, as this one was, it need not be politically correct. Somewhere there's probably a gunny going through second childhood that will put English walnut on a Red Ryder. Do we all only do what is practical? That would be no fun at all.

Matt G said...

I buy about 1 lottery ticket a year. ("Of course the game is rigged. But don't let that stop you; if you don't play, you can't win.") If I hit it big, you and JPG are joining me on a jaunt.

theirritablearchitect said...


Use that medium caliber 9.3 you are wishing for to take an elk. I don't think you'd be too disappointed with the results.

Bill said...

If you like .405s, take a look at this one my friend built.

Ammo Collector Blog said...

I always wanted a Safari gun myself. I love those old Safari movies and books.I have thought of converting my old 10.45 mm Vetterli to a modern rhino killer, not sure the old girl would handle the load though! Hey, somebody's gonna have to stop that zombie Elephant once the virus mutates to effect pachyderms.