Saturday, January 08, 2011


Did you see the chick who's blaming her jobless status on her iPhone? This takes "the dog ate my homework" to new heights.
Garvey, a 2005 Tulane University graduate, told the Herald yesterday that she worked late on New Year’s Eve and went to bed at 5 a.m., setting her alarm for 10 a.m. so she’d have plenty of time to make her noon shift.

But she awoke at 11:50, without enough time to make her shift, and was fired. Foundry’s co-owner, David Flanagan, would only say, “We loved her. She was a great employee.”
Look, Lindsay, no matter what your suit-shy boss told the reporter, you were not a model employee. They did not love you. If you were a model employee and they loved you, then on that day when you didn't show up at work, Mr. Flanagan would have called your guilty little iPhone and asked you where you were, and when you told him, he'd have said they'd cover for you until you could get dressed and get in. I know this, because I have found myself on both ends of that equation.

Instead, you were probably chronically tardy and constantly blaming others for failures to do your job, right? And so you got fired for cause the minute they had one they knew would stick.

Now you can blame Boston for exposing you to ridicule on the internet; that's not your fault either. Nothing is. Nothing ever is. You should sue somebody.

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Stranger said...

I was more interested in the stated fact a Tulane graduate is working as a waitress. And no doubt has a debt to income ratio of 100:1 or so.

She would be in a better jobs position taking basic typing and filing or welding than whatever she did take.


Tam said...


"I was more interested in the stated fact a Tulane graduate is working as a waitress."

Yup, and five years after graduating, too. Not that I drew any inferences from that myself, mind you. ;)

The whole article is a goldmine of between-the-lines information. I wonder if she realizes that, in this day and age of Google, she's doomed herself to a life of "Would you like fries with that?"

Josh Kruschke said...

I don't believe you. My mommy told me I'm the best thing to happen since sliced bread and world would be handed to me on a silver plater.

So there, I told you!


bluesun said...

Watch out--someone like that really would sue if they saw you making fum of them!

Tam said...


I'm broke and more or less unemployed; the Boston Herald's pockets are much deeper.

Josh Kruschke said...

They would spend more money suing me than they would ever get. If they decided to I would say "good luck to them" as they would need it.


McVee said...

I overslept and the iwonder did not wake Me up.

iHate when that happens.


Retardo said...

"Garvey sidestepped questions about whether her tardiness was an isolated incident."

Sounds like the reporter had the same thought.

rickn8or said...

"I was more interested in the stated fact a Tulane graduate is working as a waitress."

"Yup, and five years after graduating, too."

Sounds like a twist on the old "How do you get a (fill in the blank) college grad off your porch?" "Pay him for the pizza" insult.

Chad said...

More like iRresponsibility.

Up till 5am partying... gotta work the next day. And New Years Day is huge for restaurants, no wonder they fired her, the place was probably packed and couldn't do without any of the staff being there.

And of course, the way she blames everyone else for her mistakes, gotta be a Democrat with that much blame going around for her own problems.

Joe in PNG said...

Have we blamed Bush yet? It's all his fault, you know.

Anonymous said...

She may be getting a little old for it but the photo shows her as kind of cute. Perhaps she could move to California and find work in the adult video industry where she would be paid for ****ing up.


staghounds said...

Is that like marrying up?

Anonymous said...

I'd be willing to bet that there's already a class-action thing about the ialarm iglitch last week and all the tragedy and loss it caused; I didn't read the link so I don't know if that's what happened to her but she seems a perfect candidate to line up for her share of the settlement.

Of course as usual the firm of Scum, Skank, and Scalawag P.A. reserves the lions' (more like wolves') share of any shut-the-fuck-up-and-leave-us-alone money for themselves.


Joe in PNG said...

I think that, if it goes class action, she may almost get enough money to buy a new alarm clock.
And if she can get her mom to chip in, an alarm clock with a built in radio.

Anonymous said...

Joe: Yep and she'll have to wait a year or two to get it at that...think of all the jobs she's gonna lose in the meantime.

But folks like her will step over a dollar to pick up a dime if it vindicates her...proof that her entire whiney wasted life was NOT HER FAULT! AT