Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I don't like guns in pockets...

...which is odd, considering that I usually have one in mine.

It's just the handiest place for me to keep a backup, and in wintertime, a J-frame in an outside coat pocket is quicker to access than the pistol on my belt, buried as it is under a parka and a fleece pullover.

Some people carry in a pocket for dress code reasons, and for them, there is the Executive holster from The Holster Site. Unc, who helped inspire the design, reviews it for Shooting Illustrated here.

The best line in the article?
"This would clear out a slot in the holster drawer and reduce the number of times I handled a loaded firearm."
Emphasis mine, because I can't tell you how warm and happy it makes me feel inside when people say that.


Josh Kruschke said...

How do you feal about them in purses? I always thought it would be better to put a nice brick in there than a gun.


Montie said...


Like you, I subscribe to the "the less you handle it the better" school of though when it comes to gun handling. All of the AD's and ND's I have seen over the years have resulted from too much administrative handling of loaded guns.

Like you always say: "Stop touching it".

Joe in PNG said...

Me lil' Baby Browning tended to stay snug in it's holster at all times. So, if I needed to empty my pocket, I'd just pull the holster.

I was especially twitchy about the striker mechanism. Sure, I keep the safety on... but things can happen.

Firehand said...

Have a holster for the pocket pistol; not only makes it damn near impossible go grab the trigger if you need to draw it, it keeps it oriented the right direction; a very positive thing of itself.

TBeck said...

I leave the loaded gun in the pocket holster when I remove it and replace it in the safe.

Cybrludite said...

Nifty. I ordered one of Micheal's IWB holsters for my new-to-me 3" Model 36 over the weekend.

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Kristophr said...

My S&W bodyguard rides in one of these ...

Hip pocket, coat pocket, breast pocket ... if a wallet will fit there, so will this.