Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yet more SHOT Show videos...

Spike's Tactical Compressor short-barreled carbine.

LaserLyte V3 compact rail-mount laser.

Mike Janich and the Spyderco Navaja.


Robert Langham said...

If they sell them to civilians at Walmart out of a blister pack on an aisle rack, I'm all for it. If it's just for government thugs...not so much.

Tam said...

Robert Langham,

"If it's just for government thugs..."

To the best of my knowledge, your state bans neither short-barreled rifles or suppressors, so what's the problem?

Drang said...

When I see that Spyderco video, all I can think is that Janich's hairline sure has receded since I knew him...

Anonymous said...

I want that Navaja!

I'm a knife nut.

I wish that they had tried to make one with a traditional blade length (i.e 6" +) but for that I'll keep on relying on Cold Steel.