Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed right in my lap...

Yesterday turned into a cascading daisy chain of suck and fail, as can be deduced by my relatively low 'net output.

Of maybe five or six planned tasks, I managed to accomplish about one-point-five. At least I'll be snowed in today, which will give me no excuse for not crossing another two or three off the task list. (But will render a further two impossible, or at least highly improbable.)


John said...

This will liven things up a bit for you; that and shoveling snow later today, if the sky-god prognosticators have sacrificed properly.


verify: "consle" hmm

Earl said...

I would have a contest of who is putting off the most for the worst reasons, but I have too much not to do right to do this justice, and I would love to think you would best me in all your lack of endevors, since you have bested me in all of those things we actually have accomplished... you could be some one for me to look up to, too.

Tam said...


Don't worry, I hear they moved our Procrastinator's Anonymous meeting back another week. Again. ;)

Home on the Range said...

Sorry the day turned out as it did, but an afternoon of eating bagels with cream cheese and the last batch of jalapeno jelly and watching Pinky and the Brain on my couch probably wouldn't have helped the list much. Barkley is sulking but I understand what the day was like. I'll still be semi ambulatory next week and maybe the mountain passes between Roseholme and here will be clear.

word verif: RAMBI - the deer that shoots back.

Tam said...


Highlight of my day?

Drive to Kinko's to use fax.

Drive home to get fax number off dining room table.

Drive back to Kinko's.

Then things started going downhill...

There were actual tears involved. :(

Larry said...

That's about the ratio of things for my last WEEK.

The harder you try, the harder Afghanistan sucks.